Matías Morla remembered Diego Maradona’s birthday with an emotional anecdote

The athlete’s former attorney-in-fact remembered him on Diego Maradona’s first birthday since his death

Diego Maradona’s first birthday without his physical presence is a moving date, both for his relatives and relatives and for his fans. The virtual tributes did not wait, and one of those who remembered the Ten was Matías Morla, former attorney and attorney for the soccer star. The lawyer published a meaningful text on his Instagram account along with one of the postcards that he felt was ideal for the special occasion. Unable to prevent nostalgia and sadness from invading him, he recalled the moment when the photograph was captured and explained why that image moves him every time he sees it.

“I have thousands of photos that could well be in this post: photos together, photos of you alone, at events, in privacy, photos of happy moments and of others. I reviewed each of them to honor you on your birthday and I decided to stay with one that everyone saw but which is the one that represents you the most.”, Expressed Morla in the first lines. In this sense, in the post, Maradona is seen hugging an excited child, in the times when he settled in Dubai.

He then detailed the story behind the photo: “That day you were tired, you had traveled for hours and your collaborators wanted to leave but you, as always, stood up and said: ‘I’ll wait for the baby even if he arrives at eleven at night’; And it was like that, you sat alone on a concrete bench to wait, with an unbearable heat, stuck as always with your life partner: the ball ”. The next thing in his story was the moment of the meeting of the little admirer with his idol, and he assured that El Diez requested a training arc to play with, in addition to kicking penalties and shouting each goal.

The post of Matías Morla remembering Diego Maradona
The post of Matías Morla remembering Diego Maradona

He spoke to you, you did not understand his language, but that was not a barrier, because you spoke to him with the best of your languages: that of love. You played, you had fun, you made the baby happy, you were radiant, your mood had changed, you were in your own right: generosity and football (your guides) ”, Morla continued. And he closed: “You did not give him, but everyone, a moment that we will never forget and you got into the truck to make the three-hour trip to Dubai. That made you happy, that affection you absorbed. You were Julius Caesar with the heart of Jesus Christ, there will never be one like you again. Happy birthday Ten, here is your loyal Matito ”.

On the day the star would have turned 61, his five children also took to social media to remember him. Diego Junior wrote: “Greetings Dad, help me to accept that life has been so unfair to us and, above all, tell me if on the other side you are happy because that would give a little peace to my heart. Always walk one step ahead of me and never let go of my hand. I still can’t go with you, I have Diego and India to protect, but rest assured that as soon as I can I will run towards you to hug you ”.

Dalma Maradona, for his part, he confessed that the pain is becoming stronger due to the absence of his father: “Long ago, you asked us that always, always, always, 10/30 be a party, whether you are there or not. That day we told you to shut up, that you would always be there. Today it is very difficult for me to fulfill your desire to celebrate. If you are not there, it does not make sense. You are with me every day but how difficult it is not to fight with the black woman to see who greets you first. It is a lie that time heals everything, because for me it is increasingly difficult … Happy birthday to heaven. I miss you and love you forever, “he wrote with three hearts in the colors of Boca Junior.

Dalma Maradona's posting on his father's birthday, the first without the physical presence of the soccer star
Dalma Maradona’s posting on his father’s birthday, the first without the physical presence of the soccer star

Gianinna he chose to share an old photo of a celebration in Buenos Aires News, in which he was with his sister, his mother and Diego: “Life for hugging you like this again!” As to Jana, He left as the last post of his feed the one he made for Maradona’s 60th anniversary, that is, 26 days before his death. “Happy, happy, happy birthday pa! A strange year, but after so much time, so many circumstances and so much life, I am going to be selfish and I am going to say that it is the year that I enjoyed you the most; I have you close to see you and really coexist, that coexistence in which there are days when we fight over bullshit and we fight hard, but then we love each other more than before because that is a real father-daughter relationship, where you learn from me and I of you ”, were some of the words that he had dedicated that time.

Finally, Veronica Ojeda He posted a video of Maradona on Dieguito Fernando’s account, where the little boy is seen when he was a baby. “Memories,” read the overprint with the infinity symbol. And I add: “Dad, I look at the sky I know that you are there taking care of me. Today on your birthday I send you a kiss. Your Pee ”.


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Matías Morla remembered Diego Maradona’s birthday with an emotional anecdote