Matilde diamonds and Letizia designer: the best Christmas look is from Elisabeth from Belgium

The Belgian heiress seems to have insisted that, every time she appears, we have no choice but to talk about his look. We did it not long ago, at the family inn with which the royal family congratulated Christmas; we did it during their first days of university, and we have done it again this Tuesday, when he posed with his parents and brothers on the occasion of the traditional Christmas concert that they host in the palace. In this last date, we have seen that Elisabeth from Belgium has the best look Christmas of the royals, with a Letizia designer and earrings provided by Matilde, her mother.

Photo: Charlène, Alberto, Jacques and Gabriella from Monaco. (EFE / Sebastien Nogier)

This year, the celebration was expected to be different from last year, since due to the health situation, the public could not attend. But it could not be. With the covid once again at ease in Europe, the Belgians had already seen how they had to give up their long-awaited trip to State to Italy, scheduled for the beginning of the month. So, although the celebration of this concert has finally gone ahead, it has had to be without an audience again, which has not prevented a beautiful pose of the royal family.

The kings of Belgium. (EFE / Pool / Philippe Reynaerts)

As always in this type of event, what is most striking is the styling of both Matilde as of her eldest daughter, although we cannot deny that Princess Eleonore has also been stepping up and in the last few appointments she has not gone unnoticed either. But on this Tuesday night, if anyone has shone, it has been his sister, the future queen of the Belgians. And he has done it literally, thanks to the original design of a firm that has an important niche in his mother’s wardrobe, but also in that of Queen Letizia, Dries Van Noten.

Elisabeth has chosen a fitted design in navy blue, with long sleeves and a high neck, midi length and side slits up to the thigh. Undoubtedly, a dress not suitable for all types of silhouettes, but that it fit him like a glove and that drew attention for the bright ornaments scattered throughout the pattern, which formed geometric figures. Precisely, taking advantage of these incrustations, the heiress has pulled family jeweler and has combined the dress with a few simple diamonds, owned by Queen Matilda.

Princess Elisabeth, before the concert. (EFE / Stephanie LeCocq)

Meanwhile, Queen Matilde has opted for a red dress, quite striking, with the length down to the feet and with a small gathered at the waist, which she has combined with shoes in the same color. It has attracted a lot of attention that the kings appeared in the pose holding hands, since it is not a very common image in a couple of royals, and less that they occupy the throne and that they have been married for more than two decades. But, yes, Matilde and Felipe have once again shown themselves as a united marriage, as they have done since they became kings.

We cannot forget the smallest of the clan, Eleonore, which has also chosen a well-known firm for Queen Letizia, Maje, the same one that he wore for the Christmas pose distributed by the Royal House a few days ago. For this musical evening, her choice has been a blue dress with metallic threads, thus giving the design a festive touch, with short sleeves and a skirt with different layers. In her case and unlike her sister, who wore stilettos to match her look, she has combined it with ballerinas.

Princess Eleonore, with her brother Emmanuel and her mother. (EFE / Stephanie LeCocq)

It will be on Christmas Day when the recording of this concert is broadcast on different Belgian television channels. Once again, the idea was to convey a bit of closeness to the citizens at a somewhat difficult time. During the recital, the four enjoyed a Christmas-themed program, with compositions by Vivaldi, Mozart and Saint-Saëns, unlike the previous edition, when songs from Linkin Park or Coldplay, performed by an indie rock choir. Also princes Eleonore and Emmanuel They dared to participate in the concert, she with the violin and he with the saxophone. But this year, the two young children of the Kings have preferred to leave all the prominence to professional musicians in a very special evening for the royal family and in which Elisabeth from Belgium has shone again. Literally.

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Matilde diamonds and Letizia designer: the best Christmas look is from Elisabeth from Belgium