Maud Angelica and Leah Isadora Behn: why the daughters of Marta Luisa of Norway are the new Carlota Casiraghi, the most interesting (and tragic) royals in Europe

When the first husband of the
Princess Martha Louise of Norwaythe writer
Ari Behncommitted suicide on Christmas 2019 his
eldest daughter, Maud Angelicawas just 16 years old and her middle daughter,
Leah Isadora14. Unfortunately for them, the Behn sisters made their debut before the European media at their father’s funeral.

The Norwegian royal family was at that time living its particular annus horribilis, with the
king harold diagnosed with cancer, the crown princess of the throne,
Mette Maritill due to pulmonary fibrosis that would distance her from her obligations and her own
Princess Martha Louise in the eye of the media hurricane because of her love affair with Gwyneth Paltrow’s guru, Durek Verret.

All that, including the scandal of the contacts of
Mette Marit with Jeffrey Epstein, was forgotten after the suicide of Ari Behn and the taking center stage of
Maud Angelica at his father’s funeral. With incredible poise for her 16-year-old daughter, the eldest daughter of the princess took the floor and delivered the speech that would mark her life forever and distinguish her from royals her own age. «
A suicide is nobody’s fault. We can’t blame ourselves. It is like a deadly disease. Dad must have been so tired that he saw no other way out. But there is always a way out. I want to tell everyone that there is always a way out, “said Ari Behn’s daughter before the cameras.

From that moment the eldest granddaughter of the
kings of norway She has voluntarily become a champion of mental health and suicide prevention, and has even donated awards and money to this cause, a huge burden for a young woman only 19 years old.

Her father is always in her memory and that influence is felt in the other career that Maud has undertaken, that of plastic artist. Ari Behn came to have his own pictorial work and assured in an interview that he used painting to express his feelings, in fact one of his most famous paintings, painted in red tones, was called Panic and made reference to the panic attack he suffered after sign your divorce papers with the
Princess Martha Louise.

Maud Angelica He posts his drawings and paintings on his Instagram account for his more than 28,000 followers to enjoy. His first known work of his was the drawing that he showed at his father’s funeral and that he planned to give her for Christmas. Today his father would be proud of all that he has advanced in his art.


Ari Behn, the ex-husband of Marta Luisa from Norway, has committed suicide

His sister
Leah Isadora Behn He has also found his own niche on social networks and this year he has given the bell with surprising news: the granddaughter of
Harold of Norway has caught the attention of the Team Models modeling agency, the same one that brought Eva Sannum, who has ended up signing her.

The young woman who started doing her first steps putting on makeup like the Grinch or the corpse bride on her Instagram account can boast of having become the queen of Norwegian Tiktok during the pandemic (making even her mother dance) and of being a true
beauty world expert. Her Instagram beauty tutorials are already followed by over 80,000 people (and she’s only 17!).

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Maud Angelica and Leah Isadora Behn: why the daughters of Marta Luisa of Norway are the new Carlota Casiraghi, the most interesting (and tragic) royals in Europe