Mauricio Islas appears covered in gray hair and “more handsome than ever”, according to his followers

In the case of Mauritius Islands, the 48-year-old Mexican actor has shown his Instagram followers that the passage of time did not rob him of his gallantry. On the contrary, ‘he ages like good wines’ and they let him know in the comments with phrases such as: “I take my hat off to you Mr. Islas, you are gorgeous”, “Majestic, like a Greek god”, “You super handsome , better than ever”.

This is how the style and career of Mauricio Islas has evolved

The actor made his debut on Mexican television in the early nineties, when he had a special appearance in ‘Carrusel de las Américas’ (1992). She later appeared in ‘Magical youth’ (1992), ‘Start again’ (1994), ‘Poor rich girl’ (1995), ‘Love song’ (1996), ‘My dear Isabel’ (1996) and ‘My little girl Naughty ‘(1996).

At that time Mauricio was a twenty-year-old who was gradually conquering fame, so the nature of his youthful characters led him to adopt a ‘look’ of a rebellious boy and heartthrob.

Artistically speaking, his adult stage came with the role of Alejandro Ramírez in ‘El manantial’ (2001): “It was my jump at seven at night to the stellar bar at nine,” he explained in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Later his career was consolidated when he played Adolfo Solís Gallardo in ‘Amor real’ (2003). This is how he put youth dramas aside and played a military man of humble origin in the period series produced by Televisa.

Later, he cut his hair to get rid of his period style and look more modern, since he migrated to the United States to record soap operas such as ‘Los Plateados’ (2005), ‘Amores de mercado’ (2006) or ‘Pecados ajenos’ ( 2008).

The reason? According to what Mauricio Islas said in the program ‘The minute that changed my destiny’ (2020), Televisa paid him less compared to his fellow cast members, so he chose to leave and look for a better job offer.

In May 2008, the actor walked the red carpet of the ’50 Most Beautiful ‘in New York. At the time, he was 35 years old and his features showed signs of having matured a lot. Some melodramas in which he appeared at that time were ‘La loba’ (2010), ‘Cielo rojo’ (2011) or ‘La mujer de Judas’ (2012).

Already entering his forties, the actor allowed gray hair to invade his hair and beard. A clear example of this was given in 2017, during the press conference for ‘Persecuted’; when Mauricio gallantly posed for the photos that were taken of him.

Mauricio Islas now boasts his gray hair and ‘drives his followers crazy’

Since the celebrity stopped dyeing his hair to show his natural gray hair, the Internet ‘trolls’ have not been present on his social networks. On the contrary, his fans do not stop praising him because of the “impeccable elegance that he projects.” As an example is the following ‘selfie’ in which he poses wearing a tuxedo:

Accepting his age and the passing of the years has made Mauricio Islas even dare to talk about the experiences he lived alongside fellow soap operas such as Adela Noriega, Lucero or Edith Gonzalez. Find out all the details here:

Mauricio Islas talks about the best that his telenovela companions Adela Noriega, Lucero and Edith González left him

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Mauricio Islas appears covered in gray hair and “more handsome than ever”, according to his followers