Mauricio Ochmann lived a heartbreaking moment with his adoptive father: they believed he was hurting him

However, this happiness now contrasts with his sad past that includes everything from a difficult childhood to even wanting to take his own life after a time drowned in addictions.

Among the hardest moments of his childhood stands out a heartbreaking exchange he had with his first adoptive father. We tell you.

Mauricio Ochmann had two adoptive parents

Mauricio Ochmann was born in Washington, DC in 1977 but his biological mother, when he was only 15 years old, decided to give him up for adoption.

Between a month and two months after birth, Mauricio came into the life of his first adoptive parents: María and Guillermo Sánchez, a Mexican couple who were living in the US.

Unfortunately, the home she found with María and Guillermo did not last long. After he was one year old, his parents divorced and Mauricio moved to Querétaro, Mexico with his mother.

In Mexico, his mother found love again with Thomas Ochmann, Mauricio’s second adoptive father.

Despite the fact that the actor from ‘El Chema’ returned to having the traditional figure of mom and dad with the arrival of Thomas in his life, his first biological father was still present, which generated a lot of emotion for the actor every time he could see it… until a very hard moment separated them.

Mauricio Ochmann lived a heartbreaking moment with his first adoptive father

After Mauricio and his mother moved to Mexico, Guillermo Sánchez, or his “beloved Maestrín” as the actor referred to his first adoptive father on social media, stayed in the US.

However, he was traveling to Mexico to visit his son. His father’s visits were some of the most precious moments for Ochmann, as he revealed in an interview with Yordi Rosado.

Unfortunately, when Mauricio was four or five years old, his father’s visits came to an end.

On an outing to a park, in which Mau, disguised in a mummy mask, was enjoying time with his father, Guillermo stopped the fun in his tracks and spoke seriously with his son.

“During one of those visits he told me ‘I’m not going to see you anymore because your mother says I’m hurting you’”.

Mauricio burst into tears at this news. He didn’t really understand how his dad hurt him.

The actor told Yordi that at that time he suffered from emotional asthma attacks and suggested that perhaps the emotion of seeing his father was a kind of trigger for this condition, but in reality Ochmann never confirmed how Guillermo was hurting him. .

“For me those are one of the hardest moments I have lived because for me it was an illusion and emotion whenever he came to visit me. And what is true is that I had asthma attacks. I acquired an emotional childhood asthma… I had that problem and I struggled with it”.

Mauricio was very upset because they decided for him and did not ask his opinion about whether he wanted to continue seeing his father Guillermo or not, they simply made the decision for him.

“They took him away from me and it hurt me a lot because I didn’t see him for many years.”

Mauricio Ochmann had resentment against his mother

After the shocking news, Mauricio just cried and cried, while his father hugged him tight. This moment was recorded in the memory of the actor; however, after that he no longer knows exactly how he felt, as he experienced something like a block.

Later, the next emotion related to the absence of his father, Guillermo, was a great anger and resentment against his mother.

“I resented my mom. I got mad at my mom for taking it away from me.”

Mauricio no longer gave more details about how he managed to be at peace with his mother again. However, in an interview for Imagen Televisión at the end of 2021, he warned that his relationships with his parents in his childhood made him feel that he himself was his “own mother and father”.

“I found that I am my own mother and I am my own father and my responsible adult.”

Mauricio Ochmann saw his father Guillermo again years later

The actor and his first adoptive father reconnected several years later, which allowed Mauricio to create beautiful memories with him.

These memories together, such as the “bear hugs he gave him since the day he adopted him”, are still latent in the heart of Mauricio, who has been honest about his time with his father mainly in two profound messages on his social networks.

The first was the farewell that he dedicated to him two days after the death of Guillermo, who died on December 28, 2020, and another when he commemorated the life of his father on his first death anniversary.

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Mauricio Ochmann lived a heartbreaking moment with his adoptive father: they believed he was hurting him