Mauricio Ochmann would not forgive an infidelity of Omar Chaparro with William Levy

Mauricio Ochman Y omar chaparro they do not share the same opinion about infidelity. After meeting in the movie “And how is he?” They can’t stop joking with each other. Although in the film the character of Chaparro is the lover of Ochmann’s wife, and he wants to take revenge on him, behind the scenes they do not stop laughing and remember how fun the experience was.

“There was a scene where I took him to a ‘congal’, to a brothel, because I think the only way he can forgive his wife for being unfaithful is for him to be unfaithful too; So, I present to you some cool girls at a party, playing pillow, me in panties and when Mauricio saw me in panties he really got erotic and said ‘hey man, we had to cut it off! because I wanted, I wanted…’.

“What did he want? Hahaha!” says Mauricio.

“He wanted to play pillow with me, hahaha!” Omar replies.

“That is, the occurrences of this one because nobody told him ‘hey, you’re going to bring your pants down’; they are pure proposals from him”, accuses Mauricio.

“You proposed that we kiss on the mouth.”

“But of friends, nothing else to make an inclusive ending.”

“Guey! But if I slept with your wife, why would you want to kiss my mouth, wasn’t it justified?”

“It’s not true, eh?” Mauricio alludes.

“In our next film we kiss each other’s mouths, but let it be justified… or we kiss each other’s mouths but let no one record it, hahaha!” jokes Omar.

Have you ever suffered an infidelity? Would they forgive her?

When my heart was broken I couldn’t forgive. Right now, if my wife cheats on me, right now the way things are, I’m going with her and her lover, don’t leave me! Ha ha ha! Invite me! Here we build something! ha ha ha!

“It can’t be Omar,” Mauricio intervenes with a laugh.

“I can not live without her”.

“No, that’s fine, yes.”

“I can’t, I forgive her.”

“In my case, if I had to live it, I don’t know, it depends,” Mauricio continues.

“It depends on how much you love people.”

“No, it’s not about love!”


“Nooo! I feel that it is not love, I feel that it is…”.

“What is it! Let’s see, supposing that you and I are boyfriends”, proposes Omar.

“Let’s see,” Mauricio replies.

“And I cheated on you with Adrián Uribe, will you forgive me?”

“Do not”.

“But if I cheated on you with William Levy, what can I tell you ‘it was just one night, dude! He was drunk,” says Omar.

“I’m not going to forgive you either.”

“But you love me!”.

“Nooo! But I love myself more.”

“But it was all sex.”

“Ha ha ha! Oh yes, hahaha! So ‘sorry, I tripped!’, I… oh no! Was it an accident? No no no”.

“That is, everyone,” explains Omar.

“I think he would forgive, but he would no longer be. I would enter the process of forgiveness, of a duel, but I don’t think that it would give me a second chance, no”, concludes Mau.

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Mauricio Ochmann would not forgive an infidelity of Omar Chaparro with William Levy