Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara, the morbid fascination for the marital life of a soccer couple

Wanda and Mauro during a match between Inter de Mil & # xe1; n and Chievo, at the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy, in 2014. (AP Photo / Luca Bruno)

Wanda and Mauro during a match between Inter Milan and Chievo, at the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy, in 2014. (AP Photo / Luca Bruno)

  • It is the story of an ordinary neighborhood girl, who became famous, married a footballer and went to live in Europe

  • It jeopardizes certain ideals such as the perfect family and unconditional love

  • These stories are usually backwards, some may feel like women’s revenge

  • People feel empowered to give their opinion and do so by following their moral intuitions

“Another family that you charged as a bitch.” With this blunt instagram story Wanda nara She revealed almost more than a month ago the secret she had discovered on her husband’s cell phone: Mauro Icardi had been sending messages of high erotic content with Eugenia “La China” Suárez, a renowned Argentine actress.

Since then, the controversy between the soccer player and the businesswoman has become a matter of national interest. Central chat in WhatsApp groups and friends or work meetings, heading the top of the trends in social networks and portals.

Why does the scandal between Mauro Icardi and Wanda nara?

The story has all the necessary ingredients to provoke fascination in the audience. On the one hand, it jeopardizes certain ideals such as the perfect family and unconditional love.”Explains the psychoanalyst Florencia Groisman to Yahoo en Español. “On the other, in a world where voyeurism and exhibitionism are the order of the day, the case not only allows you to dive in and spy on the intimacy of a rich and famous couple, but also has the special flavor of the third party in disagreement. This gives the viewer the perfect setting in which to deposit their own fantasies.”, He adds.

For her part, the psychologist Mónica Oberlander describes that although love, desire and passion have always been topics of interest in the Human Being, the fact that this case will impact so much is due to the high level of fame and influence that they have their protagonists and the exposure that they themselves gave to the case.

We are in the age of reality shows and fiction is confused with real life. One is a spectator of the lives of celebrities through social networks and in this case, she involved people when she found out about the infidelity. She didn’t text a friend. So it is a way of inviting the rest to participate and make them witnesses. One at any time could join the soap opera liveexplains Oberlander.

In this sense, the sexologist specialist in links, Mauricio Strugo, in statements given to Chain 3, mentions that people are attracted to projecting themselves into those characters because despite being millionaires, they have the same problems as the rest. “They are real people who also separate themselves, who take their clothes out in the sun on social networks and people are attracted to all this. It’s like a novel that we don’t want to miss any chapter “, describes Strugo.

On the other hand, many specialists agree that the subject operates as a point of flight from reality. The deaths from Covid, the tiredness of the pandemic and restrictions, the anguish over inflation and unemployment, make the gossip (gossip) a mental break. “People usually seek to be distracted because we live in a reality that depresses us a lot, “he says. Strugo.

Do not throw more morbid to the fire

Estefanía Fryd, journalist, political scientist and producer of LAM, the entertainment magazine that had the scoop, attributes the great interest in the case to the personality of Wanda. Not for nothing did the networks nickname him “Wandagate”.

You have to think about how we met her. Since it appeared in the media, it causes sympathy in people”Explains Fryd in an interview with Yahoo en Español.

The businesswoman was 19 when claim to fame in 2006. Images of her that seemed stolen by a paparazzi presented her in society, wearing some briefs supposedly from Maradona and hinting that they would have spent the night together.

As with the Wandagate, at that time no one could stop talking about her and shortly after the blonde returned to star in another cover. This time half naked and assuring that she was a virgin. Over the years it became known that everything had been a strategy of Wanda to fulfill her only goal: to be famous.

In 2008, after starring in several scandals, Wanda He formalized his relationship with the player Maxi López. Before long, the couple moved to Europe, married and had three children.

It is the story of an ordinary neighborhood girl, who became famous, married a footballer and went to live in Europe. It is not what all women want, but what many do, and it also generates a lot of admiration, “suggests Fryd. “People want to see her luxuries, she is aspirational, a random girl from any neighborhood, who is now very, very rich, has mansions, a dressing room and access to premium brands”, He adds.

Since then Wanda began to share his good life in the networks. She was seen driving high-end cars, wearing expensive purses and even sharing moments with Mauro Icardi, a young player and a close friend of López.

After eight years of relationship, in which rumors of infidelity on the part of López were common, Wanda He decided to put him to end his marriage also on the networks.

Love in times of Twitter

The tuits of Wanda they generated confusion. The reasons for the surprise separation were unknown and there was no indication that it would come.

In Italy, Wanda and Icardi had become very good friends, he being her support every time she sensed her ex’s betrayals. Shortly after the separation with López, Icardi declared his love for Wanda on the networks. First with a song and then …

Wanda and Mauro consolidated their partner facing criticism and a great media scandal, and setting the precedent for the term “Icardear”, which means something like “Steal a friend’s girlfriend.”

Especially in the soccer environment, this bond was seen as a betrayal. Since the romance was aired, in each game in which Icardi and López faced, as happened in April 2016 during a match between Inter and Torino, the players refused the greeting.

Also, for this reason Diego Maradona no summoned Mauro to play for the National Team.

“The public is attracted by the morbid of the woman cheating on her soccer husband with a friend who is a prettier, richer soccer player and with more projection. These stories are usually backwards, some may feel it as the revancha of women “, says Fryd.

But Wanda She is much more than a footballer’s girlfriend. She became the representative of Icardi and has her own millionaire contract with PSG.Almost no manager has this type of agreement ”, highlights Fryd.

Team Wanda – Team China

To think about why the case generates so much fascination, it is not a minor fact that who appeared in the Wandagate as the third in contention is Eugenia “La China” Suárez, a super famous actress in Argentina who was previously involved in Similar cases, and that earned her the title of “steals her husbands.”

“Why this topic and not another? Because people feel empowered to express their opinions, and do so by following their moral intuitions. Right and wrong are not clear here, so there is more room for opinion and there are sides: “Team Wanda” and “Team China” ”, Philosopher Valentín Muro explains to Yahoo in Spanish.

Both from the social point of view and from the spectacle, the Wandagate has spices that make it captivating: it interweaves very famous and magnetic characters that put values ​​of patriarchal society at stake such as fidelity and infidelity, and loyalty in friendship ties. In addition, the ostentation of luxury and the exposure of privacy, add their flavor to this overloaded scandal wherever you look at it.


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Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara, the morbid fascination for the marital life of a soccer couple