Mauro Icardi persists in his plan to win back Wanda Nara: “Get used to winning in silence”

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara (Instagram)

On Friday, Mauro Icardi surprised his followers by reopen your account Instagram. But what really stunned everyone was seeing that Wanda nara I had started to follow him. And it is that, after the scandal in which Eugenia The China Suarez was syndicated as the third in discord between the couple and the subsequent frustrated attempt at reconciliation, the break between the player of the Paris Saint-Germain and the businesswoman seemed final. But no.

Without going any further, this Saturday the soccer player woke up romantic and decided to share a post with a photo in which he is seen with his now classic beret, receiving a hug from the mother of his daughters Isabella and Francesca. “I love you”, he wrote enchanted his wife and attaching two emojies, one of a fire and the other of a heart.

Mauro Icardi's post on Instagram
Mauro Icardi’s post on Instagram

Simultaneously, Icardi shared an enigmatic message in his stories. “Get used to winning in silence and let the world think that you are losing “, said the text that the player chose. And it was clear that he was not referring to his sports career, although he later continued with other publications related to his team.

A week ago, in the afternoon of Buenos Aires and the night of Paris, the Instagram account of Mauro disappeared from cyberspace. While the PSG faced the Lille With the striker sitting on the substitute bench, his profile with more than 7 million followers was erased at a stroke. And so it remained from then until this Friday, when it resurfaced as if by magic.

At the time of leaving the networks, Icardi was following zero (0) people. And before that, just Wanda. And before, only Wanda and her team. Now, the situation has changed at the root. In its reopening, the locker of those followed by the footballer has a number of 35. And judging by the names, it seems as if nothing had happened since that October 16 in which with a simple plocation his wife shocked the universe of the show. It is that, in addition to the businesswoman, the player follows almost the entire squad of his team, including Lionel Messi, to his mother-in-law Nora Colosimo, to his sister-in-law Zaira nara already Valentino Lopez, the eldest son of Nara and Maxi lopez. But other interesting names are the dand Kennys Palacios, his wife’s stylist and confidante, and that of Natacha Eguía, intimate friend of the woman.


As if all this were not enough, Wanda herself returned to follow Mauro, in another disconcerting move by the businesswoman, who seemed to have settled in Milan to start her single life. Saying that these signs help ensure the reconciliation of the couple, at this point is almost as reckless as announcing with great fanfare the imminent signing of the divorce. Own Ana Rosenfeld, Nara’s lawyer and friend, avoid being strict about it: “I never speak of definitive”, pointed to this medium. And if she says so, there is every reason to believe her.

It all started when, after discovering a supposedly virtual affair of Mauro with The China, Wanda posted: “Another family that you charged for a bitch!”. And confirmed their separation. However, a week later he decided to give the relationship a new chance and, as expected, he communicated it with a post. “I realized something, that having everything I have nothing if I am not with him. I am sure that this bad moment that we are going through will strengthen us as a couple and as a family. The important thing is that we both had the freedom to put an end to our eight-year history, but with our soul tired of crying, we freely chose each other again. I love you, “he wrote next to a photo of both.

However, in recent days Nara would have discovered that between Icardi and the former Teen angels Yes, a real meeting would have taken place in Paris, precisely during the days in which she had traveled with her sister to Milan to participate in Fashion week. And then yes, he had assured that their separation was final. “I don’t want to know anything else”he said just three days ago. But who knows if you have to believe him …


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Mauro Icardi persists in his plan to win back Wanda Nara: “Get used to winning in silence”