Mauro Icardi published a daring photo with Wanda Nara and his followers questioned him

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara (Instagram)
Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara (Instagram)

It is not the first time that the couple have shared photos played. However, the latest post from Mauro Icardi He was so daring that his own followers asked him to have a little more decorum. In the image, the player of the Paris Saint-Germain appears with a naked torso caressing his wife, Wanda nara, who is lying on an indeterminate surface in underwear and with her legs surrounding the footballer. “Love,” he wrote next to the postcard. And the comments were not long in coming.

“It’s a lot!”, “In what fantasy world do you live?”, “Unnecessary”, “This is not seen on Netflix”, “Stop brother, it’s one o’clock and I’m eating a Milanese with rice”, ” What are you doing sir? “,” Mauro, blink twice if you need help “,” Not even she confused me so much … “,” When did I pay Instagram premium? “,” What a cringe! “,” How bizarre, God ” , “Love or porn?” Were some of the thousands of messages left by users of social networks, aware that for much less other publications have been censored.

Mauro Icardi's post
Mauro Icardi’s post

The businesswoman, for her part, also left her comments. The first was an emoji of a little fire and, the second, the word “a lot” with a picture of a piece of meat. And there were many who responded, alluding to the affair that the footballer had a couple of months ago with Eugenia The China Suarez. However, the reality is that these days Wanda and Mauro are more than eleven thousand kilometers apart, since she traveled to Argentina to spend the holidays with her family and he stayed in France to finish his work commitments for the year.

As Wanda herself explained, Icardi would be arriving in Buenos Aires this Wednesday. And then they would repeat the birthday celebration of Constantine, one of the children he had with Maxi lopez, for which he will order a cake from Joaquin Nahuel Escobar, the little boy known as “the boy with cakes” whom he had publicly commissioned one of his specialties after he was the victim of attacks on Twitter. But then it became known that everything had come to nothing and she had to go out to clarify the situation.

“On the Wednesday that Mauro arrives, we celebrate as a family with our request to Joaquín”He wrote in a story after the boy said that the businesswoman had never replied to his messages. In the celebration that took place on Saturday, as the businesswoman showed, they adorned the garden of the house with an incredible playground: candy bar inspired by your child’s favorite video game, bouncy castle in front of the property’s private dock, and constant dips in the pool with Jacuzzi. At the family reunion Zaira nara said present next to Viggo and Malaika so they could enjoy the event with their cousins, the birthday boy, Valentino, Benedict Y Francesca and Isabella. And the weather accompanied the occasion, so that the little ones could enjoy the outdoors.

It should be remembered that, although at the beginning he stayed in the exclusive apartment of the building Château Libertador in the Núñez neighborhood, when her work days ended, Wanda moved with her children to a House of Nordelta. And although it was speculated that they were in the Santa Bárbara neighborhood (Benavidez), where the businesswoman had a house that she bought in her previous marriage, later she changed plans and decided to remodel a property in another area of ​​Tigre where she is a neighbor. neither more nor less than a Carolina Pampita Ardohain.


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Mauro Icardi published a daring photo with Wanda Nara and his followers questioned him