Mauro Icardi reopened his Instagram: Wanda Nara’s reaction that surprised his followers

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, back and forth in the networks

Almost exactly a week ago, in the afternoon of Buenos Aires and the night of Paris, the Instagram account of Mauro Icardi disappeared from cyberspace. While his team, Paris Saint Germain, faced Lille with the striker sitting on the substitute bench, his profile with more than 7 million followers was erased at a stroke. And so it remained from then until a few minutes ago, when on Friday night it reappeared as if by magic. Although with some very significant changes.

With all the water that ran under the couple’s bridge in just a week, the snapshot looks like a museum piece. The podium of the last images of the forward They show it as a family celebrating Isabella’s birthday, the youngest of the daughters he had with Wanda, and in two very intimate images with the businesswoman, one in gala dresses and the other with their bare torsos. “A very important date for us. Happy Anniversary Wanda Icardi. Another year together, many dreams lived, many more to live, “he wrote in the first. In the second, a black heart was enough.

Icardi's instagram before and after 9 p.m.
Icardi’s instagram before and after 9 p.m.

Since then, the couple was very much in love and they enjoyed the Halloween celebration together at their home in Pariss. Until the businesswoman vio an email with information that she considered sufficient to separate again from her husband. There would be more than conclusive evidence of the meeting between the footballer and Eugenia La China Suárez, which was the tip of the ball in this weave of tangles and untangles. He grabbed his things, flew to Milan and there he spends his hours, between talks with friends, shopping trips and your professional tasks.

Although currently his days pass 850 kilometers away, on social networks the situation seems to be very different. The forward’s return to cyberspace was with all honors, and when the break with Wanda seemed irreversible, a detail encouraged netizens who still believe in the love of the couple. When leaving the networks, Icardi followed zero (0) people on Instagram. And before that, just Wanda. And before, only Wanda and her team. Now, the situation has changed at the root.

Today Icardi on Instagram: they follow each other with Wanda (Instagram)
Today Icardi on Instagram: they follow each other with Wanda (Instagram)

In its reopening, the locker of those followed by the footballer has the number 35. And judging by the names, it seems to be as if nothing had happened since that October 16 in which with a simple Instagram storym, Wanda shocked the universe of the show. One of the names is the one wanted by all: Wanda Icardi is on the list. Yes, it is known that the businesswoman always kept her married name on the Internet, even in the most critical moments. But the signs do not end there.

Among the people that the scorer follows, in addition to almost the entire PSG squad included Lionel Messi, are your mother-in-law Nora Colosimo, her sister-in-law Zaira Nara and Valentino López, the eldest son of Wanda and Maxi. Other interesting names on the list are Kennys Palacios, his wife’s stylist and confidante, and that of Natacha Eguía, close friend of the businesswoman

As if all this were not enough, Wanda herself returned to follow Mauro, in another disconcerting move by the businesswoman. Saying that these signs help ensure the reconciliation of the couple, at this point is almost as reckless as announcing with great fanfare the imminent signing of the divorce. Own Ana Rosenfeld, Nara’s lawyer and friend, avoid being strict about it: “I never speak of definitive”, pointed to this medium. And if she says so, there is every reason to believe her.


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Mauro Icardi reopened his Instagram: Wanda Nara’s reaction that surprised his followers