Mauro Icardi wrote a poem to Wanda Nara from Dubai: “Let’s live unique moments”

Mauro and Wanda in Dubai (Instagram)
Mauro and Wanda in Dubai (Instagram)

“By hand,” some would say. The truth is that, after Wanda nara discovered his affair with Eugenia The China Suarez, Mauro Icardi fell into all the typical infidel cliches. First, he denied everything. Later, he abandoned his training at the Paris Saint-Germain to run after her and assure her that her career no longer mattered to her if she was not by her side. Right away, he showed the world how much they loved each other, even though she hadn’t forgiven him. And, now, he granted him a trip to Dubai during which he took the opportunity to dedicate some tender words to him as if he were a poet.

Let’s live unique moments, those that do not return, those that are instants, those that fill us for a little while, those that are for a second but are forever”, Wrote the footballer next to a heart and a photo in which both pose on the beach a few meters from the mythical hotel building Burj Al Arab.

Mauro Icardi's post
Mauro Icardi’s post

The post was filled with likes, including that of Kennys Palacios, stylist and confidante of Wanda. And, among the comments that he only left enabled for the accounts that he himself follows, the polo player’s message stood out Mariano Uranga, who compared him to the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, and the heart that her mother-in-law gave her, Nora Colosimo, by way of approval. But the businesswoman still does not acknowledge receipt of the publications of the father of her minor daughters, Francesca and Isabella. For example, a couple of hours earlier, Nara had posted a photo of herself on the beach, from behind, with a caption that read: “Beautiful day”. However, at no time did she mention or ravish who, until now, remains her husband on paper.

Wanda Nara's post
Wanda Nara’s post

The scandal between Wanda and Mauro had started when she discovered a series of chats between Icardi the ex Teen angels. “Another family that you charged for a bitch!”, he wrote last October 16 without specifying who the recipient of his message was. And, strikingly, at the same time she stopped following the player on her account, who instead continued following her, and the China, who until a few hours ago liked all the photos.

Thus, the businesswoman went to Milan and Mauro left his obligations at the club in the French capital where he plays to run after her. And then there were a series of conflicting messages, in which he implied that they were together and Wanda seemed to be single. Until she informed herself that she had decided to give love a new chance. But The peace did not last long, since at that time she thought that the affair between her husband and Suárez had only been virtual, but then an anonymous email put the evidence of a real encounter on her face. So the relationship seemed to have reached the point of no return. But obviously Icardi did not give up.

For a few days, both have been in the United Arab Emirates enjoying a few days of relaxation. And, from this place, Mauro shared an image that gave an account of the situation. “From Dubai with much love”, wrote the PSG player in a boomerang where he is seen hugging and kissing the businesswoman who wears a gown in front of a mirror. And then he uploaded a photo together on the beach and another at the hotel, hinting that the storm had already passed.


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Mauro Icardi wrote a poem to Wanda Nara from Dubai: “Let’s live unique moments”