Mauro Icardi’s claim to Wanda Nara in the midst of his scandal over the meeting with China Suárez

China Suárez traveled to Paris to see Mauro Icardi while Wanda Nara was in Milan

I would recommend Mr. Icardi to stop talking in front of anyone. That the gardener is not there, that there is no one next to him, that there is not a friend nearby, that he does not make comments in the concentration. Shut up!“, He suggested Evelyn Von Brocke on Intruders. He immediately recounted details of an argument they had Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi in the middle of the marital crisis they are going through after the businesswoman found out that the footballer had a meeting in a hotel in Paris with Eugenia China Suarez.

According to the journalist, a witness to the fight was in charge of filtering it and that’s how she found out. What happened? “There was discussion and bill pass from Icardi to Wanda“Said the panelist of the cycle led by Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich and reproduced the words that the PSG player would have said to his wife making a claim about the past, in reference to his separation with Maxi lopez, the father of her three oldest children, with whom she ended her relationship in November 2013.

“Stop humping yourself! I banked you with Maxi López throughout the scandal and there I was firm. I tried to lie for you and you are not banking me on this one “, the athlete would have told his wife, who he also reproached for having made public statements. Although she did not speak directly – she will with Susana Giménez, who arrives on November 18 to record a special interview with her for Telefe – she communicated with Yanina Latorre, who these days became her kind of spokesperson.

“I thought we were a anonymous company in economic matters. I thought we were a corporation in life and this is failing “Von Brocke said, reproducing Icardi’s words to his wife. “He is very angry because Wanda does not bank him in this situation and they do not make a block”added the panelist.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi have been married for seven years and have two daughters: Francesca and Isabella
Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi have been married for seven years and have two daughters: Francesca and Isabella

Meanwhile, although Mauro Icardi is the one who claims to Wanda Nara that she was the one who leaked some details of her meeting with the former Almost angels in Paris, it was her own Yanina Latorre who was in charge of clarifying that the information came to him from another side. It was during a conversation between the couple and the panelist of The angels of the morning.

“The data that I counted is absolutely real. Wanda and Mauro were concerned because only four people knew about it: La China, Wanda, Mauro and Jakob. Five with me. That is, one of them must have spoken ”, he said in THE M and added that its source was a petisero, that is, a man who comes from the polo environment, a sport practiced by both Icardi and his brother-in-law, Zaira Nara’s husband and an accomplice of that meeting: for example, she was waiting for him in the car, outside the hotel.

In addition, she revealed that during the conversation – which took place late Monday afternoon and lasted two hours – the couple fought and she ended up serving as a psychologist. “He wanted to know who the source was. I reproached Wanda for having told me everything. And she told me a lot, but not about the groom ”.

“He confessed everything to me,” Latorre continued about the talk he had with Icardi- He spoke well, serene. He is clear: he wants to continue his marriage. He told me that he loves Wanda”. Meanwhile, she explained that the soccer player admitted and confirmed all the same details that she had given about the meeting she had with the actress while her wife was in Milan with her sister. “I reserved the room for the polo player, I gave him the PSG jersey. But here there is a problem: if Wanda did not tell you, this is happening to China and she wants to continue having quilombo“Icardi considered who the person who -believes- is leaking information to the media. I had that same suspicion since the businesswoman received the anonymous email with very specific data that only the protagonists knew.


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Mauro Icardi’s claim to Wanda Nara in the midst of his scandal over the meeting with China Suárez