Meet Foreo’s LUNA 3, Celebrity’s Favorite Facial Cleansing Device

Can you imagine showing off clean skin every day as if you just came out of the spa? Although it sounds impossible, today there are select devices in the premium skin care industry that, supported by technology, are capable of providing this and multiple other benefits to the face, applying the least effort and time possible.

Under this scenario, Peru already has LUNA 3 from FOREO, the facial cleansing device recognized in the world for its innovative technology that offers a deep, gentle and very efficient cleaning from the first use. This beauty gadget helps the absorption of the ingredients of skincare products such as masks or serums that are part of the beauty routine, and which is today the beauty secret of the world’s most sought-after celebrities.

How does LUNA 3 work and why is it so acclaimed by the most beautiful celebrities?

Who doesn’t love massages? The secret of LUNA 3 is that, thanks to the performance of focused massages, in just 3 minutes, it manages to eliminate 99.5% of impurities, excess oil from the skin and bacteria present in sweat.

This premium facial cleansing device is capable of offering multiple benefits for the face such as softness, cleansing and rejuvenation, as it features T-Sonic ™ pulsations, transdermal pulsations that vibrate very fast, spreading deep into the pores to gently remove so much dirt. like makeup remnants. Thus, getting to where the makeup remover wipes and ordinary facial cleansing brushes do not.

The sonic pulsations also improve blood circulation, exfoliate the skin without damaging it, and detoxify it by stimulating the epidermal cells. LUNA 3 emits 8000 T-Sonic ™ pulses per minute to deliver one of the best facial cleanses in the world.

LUNA 3 is complemented by the “FOREO FOR YOU” app available for Android and iOS. Photo: Foreo.
LUNA 3 is complemented by the “FOREO FOR YOU” app available for Android and iOS. Photo: Foreo.

The worldwide success of FOREO’s LUNA 3 places it as one of the pioneering devices in the beauty-tech industry and the favorite of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus, among other outstanding top beautys at the level. global.

Smart Beauty System

In addition to having the highest Swedish technology, which allows it to reach a useful life of 10 years, LUNA 3 is complemented with the “FOREO FOR YOU” app available for Android and iOS, which provides personalized attention and allows treatment to begin regulating, from your Smartphone, the time in seconds and the intensity.

This beauty gadget has a high-performance battery as it can be used up to 650 times per charge, and it also has the “Find my Luna” option, which allows you to locate the device in the event of a possible loss.

It should be noted that this Premium facial cleansing device is available in Falabella, Aruma, Sally Beuty and Kabuki, in three colors according to skin type: Pink, for normal skin users; blue, for combination skin; and lilac for sensitive skin.

Photo: Foreo.
Photo: Foreo.


FOREO is the highest-tech Swedish premium brand in the global skin care industry, noted for providing innovative high-tech beauty gadgets that return time and money while delivering premium skincare results.

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Meet Foreo’s LUNA 3, Celebrity’s Favorite Facial Cleansing Device