Meet the house from which Carolina ‘La Venenosa’ Sandoval moved after six happy years

The Venezuelan presenter Caroline Sandoval48 years old and who is married to Nick Hernandezsaid goodbye in recent days to the house where you lived for more than six years in the state of Florida.

Through a video, “La Venenosa”, as she is also known, showed details of her move, in which she left all the hard work to a company specializing in the subject.

“Here I tell you that I have been moving for several days and the only thing I can do is thank God because thanks to him and only him in this life everything is achieved. It is an accumulation of indescribable emotions, because I know that even in heaven they are celebrating this wonderful moment of our lives, ”reads a fragment of the description with which the former Telemundo talent accompanied her video.

Hours later, he showed off some details of his new home on Instagram Stories, although he promised that in the future he would I would give a house tour to her loyal followers to enjoy this moment, as much as she does.

From what we have been able to see, his new home is spacious and has a very extensive garden, in which he has a resort-style pool, several palm trees and still had room to install a spectacular miniature house for Amalia Victoriahis youngest daughter.

How is the house that Carolina Sandoval said goodbye to?

The former presenter of ‘Suelta la Sopa’ is a lover of sharing with her followers details of her day to day, which allowed us to get to know several corners of her old home in the city of Miami in depth and here we remember them.


Her kitchen was somewhat large and semi-open. It was equipped with white cabinets, high-end appliances and a central island that was used by her and her family to prepare food, but also as a breakfast area.

Dinning room

His dining room was located between the kitchen and one of the rooms. It was made up of a parota table with capacity for 10 bone-tone chairs, various plants and a colorful painting hanging on one of its walls.

Living room

The room, which he transformed in mid-2020, was made up of two individual armchairs and an off-white modular sofa, as well as two more individual red ones.

She also had a glass coffee table, a rug, a cabinet for her decorative items, a full-length mirror, some plants, and a couple of pictures in shades of white, gray, and black.

Television room

She also had a TV room made up of a reclining sofa in a chocolate tone and cinema style, in which she and her family loved to spend time while watching a series or movie.

That room was also used by Amalia Victoria as a game room.

trick room

To one side of the room was his trique room, where he used to store gift wraps and other types of items that he could reuse in the future, but that are not essential in his day to day life.

main bedroom

Carolina’s bedroom had a large bed with a gray headboard, two bedside tables with their respective lamps, a desk with a fairly comfortable chair, a rug, a painting of the city of Paris, and a wall-mounted television.


The closet, which drew attention to its pink walls, was the space that we knew the most from her old house, since ‘La Venenosa’ used to show her fans the entire beauty process that she followed before going on stage.

Amalia Victoria’s bedroom

In Amalia Victoria’s room the color pink predominated, which was present in the paint on her walls and in other decorative items.

It also had a small white dressing table and chest of drawers, while its curtains were conspicuous by being decorated with delicious treats of different sizes and flavors.


The garden was extremely welcoming, as it had a terrace area, a spa area, a children’s play area and beautiful gardens.

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Meet the house from which Carolina ‘La Venenosa’ Sandoval moved after six happy years