Meet the spectacular property for which Brad Pitt decided to sue Angelina Jolie

Well they say out there that from love to hate there is a step and for living proof is what happened with Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieWho they went from having one of the most inspiring relationships in Hollywood to starring in one of the most scandalous separations.

In recent days the two actors returned to give something to talk about, but they did not do it for the custody of their childrenbut because of the lawsuit filed by the protagonist of ‘World War Z’, who he is very upset because his ex did not respect the agreement they had reached regarding the castle and the vineyards they bought in France.

The property, which was the place where they married in 2014, has a vineyard, where the ex-partner used to make their own brand of wine, however, after their separation, each one began to take charge of their respective plots, being he the one who work and effort put into it.

The lawsuit details that they agreed that they could not sell their part of the vineyard, without the prior consent of the other, something that was already breached by the actress, so her omission is already in the California courts.

“Jolie long ago stopped contributing to Miraval, while Pitt poured money and sweat into the wine business, building it into the rising company it is today,” an excerpt from the lawsuit reads.

Although the sale of the vineyard took place in October 2021, it was only now that the operation was made known.

“Last October Jolie sold her stake to a Luxembourg-based liquor manufacturer controlled by Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler,” reads an article published by the AFP news agency.

Although the sale took Brad Pitt by surprise, who contributed 60% of the initial investment of $28.3 million dollars and then injected a large sum of money into the renovation of the vineyard, the reality is that since last July it was announced that the protagonist of ‘Maleficent’ was seeking to annul the ATROthe order that prevented one of the parties from making decisions or carrying out financial operations that affected the other, however, his request was rejected by the judge who heard the case.

“Despite Jolie’s arguments and her defense, the judge rejected them, noting that they did not show that there was immediate danger, irreparable harm or loss, or immediate damage to property, the only reasons why the trial could be suspended. ATRO, so the celebrity will have to look for a plan B so that the sale does not fall, ”we publish right here on July 10, 2021.

Now that Angelina Jolie skipped the ATRO and the judge’s verdict, we will have to be attentive to the course that the case takes, since it is clear that Brad Pitt will not sit idly by and more so because this decision considerably affected his economy.

How is the castle of discord between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

The castle, which dates back to the 17th century, was bought by the ex-partner in 2012, after paying $67 million dollars and allocate $12 million in reparations.

In addition to being their quintessential summer home, it was also the place they chose to get married on August 23, 2014.

The Château Miraval located on a lot 1,200 acresso it has spectacular green areas and a more than imposing construction.

Inside it has 35 rooms, including a recording studio, which is famous for being the place where Pink Floyd recorded their album ‘The Wall’.

It also has a small and cozy chapel that was where they got married.

The icing on the cake of the house, and the reason for their current fight, is their 74 acres of vineyardswhere they used to produce their rosé wine, which they named Jolie-Pitt, but after their breakup each one continued with the business on their own.

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Meet the spectacular property for which Brad Pitt decided to sue Angelina Jolie