Meghan Markle and Harry present (finally) their daughter Lili: the Christmas greeting

It took six months to see her face, but she is finally here: we already meet the little girl Lilibet Diana, the second daughter of the Dukes of Sussex, who was born on June 4. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have wanted to congratulate Christmas with a family image that includes the little girl, so it is the first picture of the girl to which we have access since birth. Since then, the couple has been absolutely strict with their privacy, something that has been allowed to no longer be part of the British Royal House and not be ‘forced’ to make a presentation to the media, as it did two years ago with Archie.

“This year, 2021, we have welcomed our daughter, Lilbet, into the world. Archie made us a ‘dad’ and a ‘mom’ and Lili has made us a family”, are the words that accompany this image, taken by photographer Alexi Lubomirski. As always they share this kind of most private moments for special dates, there is no lack of solidarity in this congratulation, and the couple explains that they have made a donation to organizations that help and protect all those who need it, from families in Afghanistan that have had to be relocated to those who need money because they are on parental leave, as detailed.

The familiar image of the Sussexes. (Archewell / Alexi Lubomirski)

As usual, the Sussexes have not followed the rule of only sharing a family pose to congratulate Christmas, as they tend to do. rest of members of royal families. Perhaps to distinguish themselves from these traditions that they like to break so much, they distribute their congratulations for the holidays. through one of the many associations they sponsor. Last year, and curiously the same day, it came to us through The Mayhew, an association that seeks a home for abandoned animals, and for this 2021 they have chosen Team Rubicon, a disaster relief organization led by army veterans. .

In the photograph we can see Meghan, Harry and Archie in jeans, in a very informal and familiar image, in a corner of his house in Montecito, in Santa Bárbara. And yes, this time it is a real image and not an illustration, an option for which they bet last year and that already let us see Archie’s hair color, a deep red. It is the Duchess of Sussex who takes his daughter in his arms, who does not stop laughing and who, like his brother and father, has bare feet. Lili matches her older brother, both in white. The authentic picture of a happy family that they have wanted to share (finally) with the world.

Photo: Meghan and Harry, in a recent photo. (EFE)

This was, of course, a most anticipated image, since we had been more than six months without knowing anything about the little girl. Meghan and Harry have been absolutely scrupulous with their daughter’s privacy, since, as we said, they could not be at the time with Archie. During this time, there have been no photographs of the little girl and the only reference to her was made by the Duchess of Sussex during her visit to the Ellen DeGeneres show, where she commented that she was sleepy, but that she was having a bit of a bad time with her teeth.

Meghan Markle, during her participation in ‘The Ellen Show’. (NBC)

For this family image, the couple have trusted an old acquaintance. Is about Alexi Lubomirski, a fashion photographer of Peruvian, Polish and English origin who even has the title of prince, since he belongs to a noble family from Poland whose members were recognized as such centuries ago. And although there are no royal titles in the country, he does sign with the treatment of Highness Serena, as we can see in the photograph. But the Sussexes have not opted for him because of this royal connection, but because he is the same one who made the photos of your engagement which would later be used for a special stamp run on the occasion of your wedding. In addition, it has an important reference that the royal family knows well, since it is disciple of Mario Testino.

He himself has boasted on his social networks about this assignment: “This is one of the rare and special projects of which one is lucky to be a part. Being able to continue the story of this family that I photographed first as an engaged couple, then on their wedding day, as a married couple and now seeing their love manifest in two beautiful children, it has been an honor. […]. That day with him Duke and Duchess of Sussex It was such a joyous experience and I feel extremely privileged to have been invited to capture it, “he says.

Although his career as a fashion photographer is broad, there is no doubt that he is going to be better known by both portraits of the sussex before and after your wedding as for this family picture. Not surprisingly, he is responsible for the first public image of Lilibet Diana, the second daughter of Meghan and Harry, Fifth granddaughter of Prince Charles, the eleventh great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and eighth in the line of succession to the throne. And it is not a little.

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Meghan Markle and Harry present (finally) their daughter Lili: the Christmas greeting