Meghan Markle kicks off with a surprise interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show

The Duchess of Sussex returns to television to be interviewed in one of the most viewed spaces in the United States: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she will be the guest star in the show that will air this Thursday. Has risen a lot of expectation with her participation in this space since it remains in the memory of all the bomb statements she gave, eight months ago, together with her husband Prince Harry in the interview they gave to journalist Oprah Winfrey. In the preview that has been seen on the program, of little more than a minute, the wife of the grandson of Isabel II is observed very comfortable and in a very more relaxed than in his meeting with Winfrey, and you can see it sharing confidences and laughter with Ellen DeGeneres who, in addition to the host of the space, is also his neighbor in Montecito.

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The Duchess fondly remembers the Warner Bros studios where the show is filmed, as It was a place where I used to go for different auditions to which he presented himself when was dedicated to the world of interpretation before meeting Prince Harry. Meghan Markle comments on how when she arrived at the scene to appear for the tests, the security guards always they wished him luck and hoped they would give him on paper so “today’s trip has been very different,” explains the ex-actress amusingly. The presenter, curiously, wants to know if she had been recognized upon arrival at the interview and, laughing, Meghan explains that “I think they probably told everyone. That’s how kind they were, “implying that they didn’t particularly stick with his face.

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The Duchess of Sussex He has also shared a funny anecdote about his old car. Used to drive an old Ford Explorer what had “own life”, as defined. And not only that, the vehicle had the driver’s side door damaged, so it had a curious and unique way to enter. “I’d park in the back of the parking lot and open the trunk, then get in, close it, and drag myself across all the seats to get out“He commented between laughter.” This is how I came and went, “he has sentenced. When asked by Ellen DeGeneres about what would I have done if someone had seen it, the Duchess has stated that I would have “pretended” that he was looking for something, he had a lot of humor and between the applause and the laughter of the public.

For her stellar appearance, Meghan wears a cream colored blouse with voluminous and die cut sleeves, paired with black ankle pants and matching heels. She wore her hair down and her makeup was very natural, the work of her trusted team, her friend and makeup artist, Daniel Martin, and stylist Jason Low, who have helped her prepare to look spectacular in front of the camera.


The Duchess’s Interview with DeGeneres marks his first solo appearance on a television show since he married Prince Harry and joined the Royal Family. Last March, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex sat down with Oprah Winfrey and had a heartfelt chat about her decision to step away from her royal roles and about her new life in California. The friendship of Meghan and the presenter began years ago with a chance encounter at a dog shelter, where the former actress was debating whether to adopt her first pet, Bogart, and Ellen convinced her to take the animal home. DeGeneres also paid a surprise visit to Prince Harry and his wife during a summer trip to the UK in 2019., and revealed that she cradled and fed her son Archie, and made a joke about the 4-month-old: “He weighs 15 pounds, which is, the exchange rate, here is 17 dollars!” .

Because the friendship that unites the journalist with the Dukes He also came out in defense of the couple when they were criticized in 2019 for using private jets for his European vacation, at the time he wrote a message saying: “Imagine being attacked for everything you do, when all you are trying to do is make the world better.” And he further asserted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were unstoppable and “They are the most beautiful and down-to-earth couple. I see that they attack them and it is not fair, “he continued.”They are just two of the most compassionate people down to earth, they are doing a lot of good for the world. “

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Meghan Markle kicks off with a surprise interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show