Meghan Markle makes the queen blush again: accused of using her royal title as she should not

One more time, Meghan Markle is back in the spotlight. The wife of prince harry It has been pointed out by some Palace aides, who have offered harsh statements against her in the Daily Mirror.

These sources ensure that the duchess of sussex has been using your title “out of context” to “play politics.” This accusation comes after two Republican senators confessed that they were surprised when Markle called them on the phone to ask them to try to provide help to families so that parents could reconcile their work and family life more comfortably.

Maine Senator Susan Collins said in a media outlet that she received a call from the Duchess on her private phone: “To my surprise, he called me on my private line and introduced herself as the Duchess of SussexWhich is kind of ironic, “she said.” I was glad to talk to her, but I’m more interested in what people in Maine think about paid vacations, “she added.

Meghan Markle. (EFE / EPA NEIL HALL)

Speaking to The New York Times, this same person added: “Just said he thought financial aid was really important, and I told him that there were a lot of different approaches and that people were working on it. ”

It was not the only policy who claimed to have spoken with Meghan. Another West Virginia senator, Shelley Moore Capito, also said that Meghan had called her and that this time, too, she showed up using her royal title.

Following these remarks, a palace aide told The Telegraph that Meghan should “stay away” from these conversations. “As a member of the royal family, if you use the title it means that you stay away from that kind of thing. Otherwise, you are using the title out of context and people will question your motives. The royal family has no say in American politics“he explained.

Another courtier qualified in the same medium Meghan’s behavior of “outrageous”.

Meghan Markle with Prince Harry in a file image. (Getty)

Meanwhile, the duchess’s environment defends her. A source close to Meghan has stated that in all these cases, the daughter-in-law of the Prince carlos acted in a personal capacity, as committed citizen.

All this controversy surrounding Meghan Markle comes after it became known that the sister-in-law of Prince Guillermo wrote an open letter to the Senate from USA. His goal was to talk about family conciliation,

The move upset some lawmakers, one of whom even urged Queen Elizabeth II to strip the duchess of her title.

In the letter, addressed to House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Meghan offered details of his own childhood and spoke of the sacrifices that working parents must make to reconcile their work and family life.

“I started working at the local frozen yogurt shop at the age of 13. I waited tables, babysat, and worked shifts to cover expenses. I worked my whole life and saved when and where I could, but even that was a luxury, because usually it was about making ends meet and having enough to pay the rent and put gas in my car, “he began by saying Harry’s wife. “I grew up eating $ 5 salads and knew I was lucky because of how hard my parents worked for me.” conflict of being present in your child’s life or receiving a payment. They are 20 or 30 years, even more, decades of dedicating time, body and energy without end, not only to the pursuit of the American dream, but simply to the dream of stability, “he continued.

Meghan Markle with a slightly pinker lipstick in her most romantic stage. (Getty)

“In June, my husband and I we welcomed our second child. Like any parent, we were very happy. Like many parents, we were overwhelmed. Like few parents, we don’t face the harsh reality of spending those critical first months with our baby or going back to work. We knew we could take her home and, in this vital (and sacred) stage, dedicate everything to our children and our family. We knew that by doing so we would not have to make the impossible decisions about childcare, work and healthcare that so many people have to make every day. No family should face these decisions. No family should have to choose between making a living and having the freedom to care for their child.“he snapped firmly.

“Many other countries have strong programs that provide months of time for both parents (biological or adoptive) to be home with their children. The United States, in stark contrast, does not federally guarantee anyone a single day of paid leave. to remain exceptional, we cannot be the exception (…) On behalf of my family, Archie and Lili and Harry, I thank you for considering this letter, and on behalf of all families, I ask you to ensure that this momentous moment is not lost, “he concluded.

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Meghan Markle makes the queen blush again: accused of using her royal title as she should not