Meghan Markle, once again the target of Donald Trump’s darts: “Harry has been used”

The Duchess of Sussex perhaps never thought how far the statements he made against Donald trump in 2016, in her capacity as an actress and during an interview. His words lit a fuse that has lasted several years and that, today, seems difficult to extinguish. Because five years later Meghan Markle has become the Trump darts bullseye. Among other things, the former president of the United States has assured that Prince Harry has been “horribly used”. And he has also done it with a whole buddy, Nigel Farage, in a kind of ‘All against Meghan’.

Trump has sat down with the politician responsible for Brexit, another of the ex-actress’s biggest admirers. In case the irony has not been noticed, we say it in another way: Farage has not missed an opportunity to criticize Meghan ever since she became Prince Harry’s fiancée. Although he had been calm for a long time in this regard, he has not hesitated to maintain a televised talk with former US president for the British channel GB News, in which one of the central points is the Duchess of Sussex and her two years as a member of the Royal Household.

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage, during the interview. (GB News)

Taking into account the little admiration that both have for Meghan Markle, it was clear that it was not going to come out very well from this conversation between these two politicians, many times more protagonists for their controversial comments than for their actions from their respective positions. So the fact that Trump indicted the Duchess of Sussex during the being “disrespectful” to Isabel II And with the entire royal family it shouldn’t surprise us. “I’m not her fan. I wasn’t from the beginning. I think Harry has been used by her and that he will regret it one day.”

For Trump, Meghan Markle is the only culprit that the prince’s relationship with the Windsors is now not the best: “He has ruined the relationship with his family and that hurts the queen”. Far from calming his comments, Nigel Farage took the opportunity to ask him about the letters the Duchess of Sussex had sent to members of the Senate to fight for family conciliation and maternity leave paid by the State. The controversy was not in the content, but rather with the Duchess’s letterhead and its title: “He’s trying to do things that I think are very inappropriate.”answers the American.

Queen Elizabeth and Donald Trump, in Buckingham. (Reuters)

It was the latest in a long chain of comments from one and answers from the other that began in 2016 when, during an interview, Meghan Markle – then only an actress, her courtship with Harry was unknown – accused Donald Trump of being “misogynistic and divisive”. His words were answered three years later, shortly before the state visit that the then American president made to the United Kingdom. During a press conference prior to this trip, a journalist wanted to know what he thought of these statements. And he put diplomacy aside to be clear: “I didn’t know it was so unpleasant”.

Although later he tried to calm the waters after the state visit by giving a very positive opinion on all members of the royal family Those he had gotten to know, including Prince Harry, it didn’t take long for his paw to appear again. It was in the heat of the Megxit storm, when it was learned that the Sussexes had left Canada to settle in the United States. Trump was not long in anticipating on his Twitter the possible debate on who would bear the couple’s security expenses: “I am a great friend and admirer of the Queen and the United Kingdom. It was reported that Harry and Meghan, who left the Kingdom, would be permanently residing in Canada. They have now left Canada for the United States, however, the United States will not pay for your security protection. They must pay! ”

Meghan and Harry, in one of their last public acts. (Reuters / Caitlin Ochs)

And Meghan has not fallen short, although her thing has not been the words, but the deeds. Since I returned to the United States, has been very involved in the political life of the country, since his first year back coincided with the electoral campaign for the November elections. She had no problem participating in numerous initiatives to promote the female vote, of course with the intention of kick Trump out of the White House. He did so even by randomly calling different citizens to try to convince them that Biden was the right candidate.

This gesture also had its response from the politician. During a press conference, he was asked about the Duchess of Sussex’s support for her rival at the polls and his response was ‘very Trump’: “I’m not a fan of hers … I wish Harry the best of luck, he will need it“The words sounded like a warning and are not very far from those spoken with Nigel Farage in the recent interview, ensuring that “Harry has been used by her and he will regret it one day”.

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Meghan Markle, once again the target of Donald Trump’s darts: “Harry has been used”