Meghan reappears in black, with jewels of more than 30,000 euros and a message to the British Crown

The duchess of sussex participated in the summit New York Times DealBook, where he spoke of salary parity, his relationship with the press and the controversy of using his royal title for political purposes.

In recent days there was no talk of anything else. The woman of the prince harry it was making headlines around the world because of its latest occurrence. Therefore, the public reappearance of Meghan Markle It was highly anticipated and she has not disappointed. It happened by surprise at the DealBook summit of the ‘New York Times’ in the city of skyscrapers and she has participated by giving an interview to Andrew Ross Sorkin, general editor, columnist and founder of the financial publication of the ‘Times’ who turns 20. The daughter-in-law of Charles of England has spoken about everything, including the accusations she is receiving for using her royal title for political purposes. Almost nothing has been kept quiet and what has been kept quiet is said by some detail of his outfit.

For her comeback, Meghan has chosen a discreet and sober black office-style ‘total look’, with a short-sleeved sweater, tailored pants and heels, leaving her image in the background so that her message becomes relevant. Even so, his new Ferragamo belt (630 euros) and especially his jewels drew attention in the style. More of 30,000 euros carried over! Starting with his fetish watch, the Tank Française by Cartier (€ 20,700), the Love bracelet in the same way, whose price is around € 6,800, another eye bracelet Jennifer Meyers of € 2,850 and the Mateo New York Protective Eye bracelet from € 1,295.

However, it has been another detail that hides a true message: the Duchess wore a poppy brooch on her sweater, yes the ‘poppy remembrance day’, a symbol for the British Crown that the Windsors constantly wear in many of their acts institutions and of course November 11, the date on which the sacrifices of members of the armed forces and civilians in times of war are commemorated, specifically since the First World War. This year, Markle has been ahead of them …

Meghan Markle, during her speech. (Youtube)

Although Prince Harry’s wife is in a legal battle against the English tabloids, her relationship with the American press seems to be a bit more bearable. She did not hesitate to participate in this ‘New York Times’ summit to talk about salary and professional parity for women, reinforcing her feminist commitment, and also to clarify the latest controversy that concerns her. Meghan is accused of using her royal title for political purposes following the letter she sent to Congress to get the president’s social spending plan Joe biden go ahead, specifically the paid maternity leave which is what worries her. Although she acknowledged that the English royal family tends to maintain a neutral position, she believes that the issue goes beyond politics. “Frankly, I don’t see this as a political issue. From my point of view, this is a humanitarian issue. I think this is one of those issues that is neither red nor blue. We can all agree that people need support. when they have just had a child ”.

He added that after living in Canada and the United Kingdom for many years, returning to the United States and seeing “that it is one of the six countries in the world that does not offer this paid leave in any way simply does not make sense.” He admits that his involvement in this matter and his petition to the Senate are surprising, but he defends his work: “I said to myself: ‘Let me put the pen on the paper and make some calls.’ It seems to me something really logical and obvious. These calls are not planned calls, Right? I just get the phone number and call. Yeah, I think people are quite surprised. ”

The Duchess of Sussex during her speech (YouTube / New York Times)

And so it has been stated by two of the senators with whom he spoke. “To my surprise, she called me on a private line and introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex, which is a bit ironic,” said the senator from Maine, Susan collins, while the republican Shelley Moore Capito he confesses: “I don’t know how he got my number.”

Controversy aside, Meghan Markle, during this interview, has assured that she is aware that she is a privileged person and that it is easy for her to stay at home taking care of her children. Even so, he values ​​the education he has received based on effort and achievement. “My parents have a very strong work ethic. When I was about eight or nine years old, I started making hair ties to sell. I would go downtown, have my mother take me to get the leftovers, then I would make them and sell them. I remember feeling knowing that I had done something for myself and received compensation for it. There is a sense of pride in that, “he said.

Regarding the professional and salary parity that she defends at all costs, she drew attention to the double standards used between women and men who have ambition, citing a study that said that 60% of women would prefer to talk about the details of their own death than about money: “There is nothing wrong with talking about a woman’s success or her ambition or her financial prowess. Men should be part of the conversation. I think it takes strong men and modern men to understand with frankly that they also benefit from it ”.

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Meghan reappears in black, with jewels of more than 30,000 euros and a message to the British Crown