Meghan’s father, very tough: calls it “ridiculous” and asks to remove the title

Relentless. This has been shown Thomas Markle, Meghan Markle’s father, with your daughter. Everyone knows the distance that exists between the two. Thomas is a controversial, outspoken man who has put his daughter in awkward situations since the beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry, making inappropriate statements that deviated from the behavior expected by the British royal family and the institution.

The gap between the Duchess of Sussex and her father it got bigger and bigger to the point that today they don’t have any contact and Thomas doesn’t even know his grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet.

Photo: Meghan Markle, during her participation in'The Ellen Show'. (NBC)

With the increase in this distancing there has also been an increase in the cruelty in the words that Thomas chooses to describe his daughter. There are no scruples and he has shown it again now, in an interview with The Sun, just after the wife of the prince harry has starred this week in a surprise interview on Ellen DeGeneres show which has been much commented on. Presenter and interviewee are friends and neighbors. Their relationship is very close and the atmosphere was conducive for the Duchess to relax and show her most natural side.

Meghan Markle. (Getty)

Meghan Markle tried to be more casual than ever and he even participated in a hidden camera in which he surprised several street vendors with eccentric and nonsensical behavior.

Thomas Markle, 77, lives just 70 miles from the Sussex mansion, but there seems to be no chance that he will ever tour them for a family gathering, especially after what he has stated. Assures that felt “embarrassed” after seeing her daughter in the actress’s first major television interview since her memorable encounter with Oprah Winfrey. He has described the appearance of the Duchess of posture or joke “stupid” and has said that his daughter had “insulted the queen, the royal family and the British people. ”

Thomas Markle in a file image. (Reuters)

“He made a complete fool of himself and it should lose its title. I love my daughter, but her performance was ridiculous. ” Not only that. Thomas Markle has assured that his daughter is a liar. At one point in the interview, Meghan recalled her beginnings as an actress and the time when she was holding auditions in Hollywood. He said he was driving around town in an old Ford Explore Sport. “At a certain point, the key stopped working on the driver’s side, so I couldn’t get in through the door. So after auditions I’d stand in the back of the parking lot and open the trunk and get in, shut it. the door behind me and I crawled across all the seats to get out. That’s how I came and went. ” “The security guards who saw me said that I was going to break my leg, or that they expected me to break it. So driving here today was very different. ”

Nevertheless, Thomas Markle has questioned Meghan’s claims And she has insisted that the vehicle her daughter was driving at that time was not an old, rickety car. In addition, he added that Meghan received a lot of help to start in Hollywood, trying with his words to highlight a certain victimizing attitude of his daughter.

Meghan Markle in a file image. (EFE / EPA NEIL HALL)

They are not the only criticisms that Meghan Markle has received this week, although these are possibly the ones that have done the most damage to her for coming from such a direct relative of her, her own father. The most devastating comments against Meghan They have also come from the United Kingdom, where the tabloids have declared war on her husband, Prince Harry and her after the different complaints and accusations the Sussexes have made against them.

“The House of Windsor must sigh in relief that the Sussexes are out of the ‘real’ fold, miles away, in the kind of showbiz bubble where this unworthy nonsense is (socially) acceptable,” is one of the many devastating phrases that have been published in British media. This one, in particular, belongs to columnist Jan Moir, one of the star firms of ‘Daily Mail’.

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Meghan’s father, very tough: calls it “ridiculous” and asks to remove the title