Melissa Paredes’ father takes out the mattress and even bikinis from the department of ‘Gato’ Cuba

REMOVED EVERYTHING FROM THE APARTMENT. The separation of and Rodrigo Cuba is definitive after the ‘ampay’ of the actress with the dancer Anthony Aranda. This is how her father has shown it, who last Saturday afternoon, to take the things that were left of the model, host and actress. Even to the ring of light to do TikTok.

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Magaly Medina’s program, Magaly TV La Firme (ATV), spread the images of how . Proof of this: he went to what was the Cuba-Paredes home and took the last things he had with the ‘Gato’.

As it was observed, the father along with other people entered the soccer player’s apartment and took several objects, namely: a mattress, little Mia’s crib, a ring of light and clothing items such as bikinis. Everything in black bags. Nevertheless, they do not remove any household appliances.

Melissa Paredes’ father goes to the department of ‘Gato’ Cuba and takes everything, even his daughter’s bikinis. Video: Magaly TV La Fime

That same weekend, the model with members of his family observing in the bedroom area some things.

Some people, noticing the presence of the model, asked her for photographs and she did not refuse. IThe ex-driver can even be seen carrying a blender, a broom and a dustpan.

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Like Magaly’s program, the still wife of ‘Gato’ Cuba is not in the same department where she left when she left the soccer player, but is another where she would make a new beginning.


Magaly Medina spread , but he did not accept her.

Melissa: Hey, Rodri … you know they already fired me from work, from everything

Rodrigo: Uhmmm

M: I’m not recording you, just in case.

A: I don’t know if you have something in your body, I don’t know

M: Check me if you want, touch me

A: I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you, just in case

M: I’m not telling you to touch me, but look

A: I’m not looking at you because from there you are going to accuse me of anything

M: I have nothing but look

A: No, I will not look at you … from there you will accuse me of anything

M: I don’t understand why you don’t look … Look … I don’t have anything, see? Dresses?

A: No

M: Look then

A: No i won’t see

M: Well, do you know that I’m out of work? Rodrigo, don’t you want to see that I have nothing?

A: No, don’t blow it because I don’t want to see you.


In his social media accounts images of the new place where he will live with his little daughter. The message, of course: “From scratch …. New beginning …”.


Some days ago , in the middle of this estrangement by the ampay in which she was involved with the dancer Anthony Aranda, ‘the activator’.

Well now the star of ‘Ojitos Hechiceros’ He shared brief images of the new home he occupies, in his Instagram stories. In these you can see some of your little girl’s things in the still empty place.


The ‘activator’ of the ampay of Melissa Paredes, Anthony Aranda, had to leave accompanied by the security personnel of the Yahaira Plasencia concert. This, after dancing next to the sauce boat in a show that took place last weekend.

According to images from ‘Amor y fuego’, Anthony Aranda left the Queen of Toto concert accompanied by a security agent, because reporters asked him his opinion on the Melissa Paredes case.

Without giving any statement about it, Anthony Aranda went to his dressing room, guarded by several security officers. The program with ‘Peluchín’ hit and described it as ‘hallucinated’.


The program Magaly TV La Firme in the Miraflores district. This after the legal battle they have for the possession of their daughter as a result of an ‘ampay’

This attempt at conciliation took place on the afternoon of Monday, November 8, and none of the public figures wanted to testify for the press.

“What we understand is that they did not reach any agreement. In addition, it is already known that Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba requested, under a very large file, the absolute possession of his little daughter ”, added the popular ‘Urraca’.

In the images it was observed that Melissa Paredes came to conciliate with her lawyer Patricia Simón Regalado. While the footballer did the same with his lawyer. This meeting lasted until almost seven in the evening.


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Melissa Paredes’ father takes out the mattress and even bikinis from the department of ‘Gato’ Cuba