Men who accompanied Octavio Ocaña on the day of his death reveal what happened

A few days after two months of the death of Octavio Ocaña, the investigations could take an important turn, because according to the lawyer for the Pérez Ocaña family, the men who were riding in the truck with the actor on the day of his death finally revealed what happened on October 29.

It was during an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante for his YouTube channel, where the lawyer Francisco Hernández assured that the actor’s friends, the tailor and a mechanic who traveled with him, expanded their statements before the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the Prosecutor’s Office of Homicides, holding the version of what Octavio Ocana he did not commit suicide, never took the gun out of the glove compartment and they were forced to testify through torture.

We are very optimistic about what they stated. His statements are at odds with the official version“, Revealed the specialist in laws, who stressed that they will continue trying to scientifically investigate what really happened during the police chase that ended the life of the 22-year-old.

“They said they never saw that he could have shot himself, what’s more, even one of them, the one in the back, says he never saw Octavio draw a gun.”

Also, during an interview with the ‘Ventaneando’ program, the lawyer highlighted the wrongdoing of the authorities.

There was a glaring failure, which is precisely that hours passed without the expert services arriving, what does this mean: that for hours the scene was not protectedLet’s not say about the crime, the scene was not protected, ”he explained.

And it is that as observed in various videos captured by those who were circulating on the Chamapa-Lechería highway in front of the scene of the events, they had moved the actor’s belongings that were inside the vehicle before all the evidence could be collected. expert witnesses.

Different people participated and manipulated the scene and that may cause us irreparable damage. But nevertheless, The expert opinions are showing, precisely, with what was not altered, what was at the time the body of our beloved Octavio, the weapon of the first respondent, andThese things were not altered and we are trying to investigate ”, he specified.

He also reiterated that It has not been possible to verify that the actor has accidentally shot himself as dictated by the official version issued by the authority, as the tests carried out on the body revealed this.

We have a preliminary assessment, in which our expert has already clarified to us that there is no way that he has shot himself. No evidence or trace of gunpowder appears on his hands, nor in the hands of the companions. If he didn’t shoot, who could have shot and put forward different hypotheses ”.

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Men who accompanied Octavio Ocaña on the day of his death reveal what happened