Mercilessly against Meghan Markle for her interview with Ellen: “The Windsors must sigh in relief”

It is clear that Meghan Markle leaves no one indifferent. While in the United States there is a current of opinion in principle more favorable towards her (her steps even leave open a possible path in the world of politics), the most devastating comments come from the United Kingdom, where the tabloids have declared war on her husband, Prince Harry, and her, especially since they decided to take them to court, in a gesture that generated a great stupor in the royal family itself. Not in vain, not even his brother Guillermo took that step when he was attributed an infidelity with a family friend.

We could already verify this with the interview they gave to their friend, the almighty Oprah Winfrey, in which they raised issues as sensitive as racism within the Royal House and that even led Queen Elizabeth II to take action on the matter and say that they were going to take note, if any of the errors attributed to them had been committed. And now it has happened again with her time on the Ellen DeGeneres program, who has also recently lived her particular way of the cross. accused of being tyrannical towards her own employees.

Meghan and Harry, in the interview with Oprah Winfrey. (Reuters)

There are many examples that we can give in this regard, but we find it particularly forceful the article published by columnist Jan Moir, one of the star firms of ‘Daily Mail’. His bullets go directly to kill and he not only prosecutes his passage through the aforementioned American talk show, he also makes an amendment to the totality to the one who was the protagonist of the series ‘Suits’, her greatest professional achievement in her acting career.

“Somewhere in the back of the most cynical mind – keep in mind that this mind could be mine – the final result and the true purpose of the Megxit (remember that it was the macho term that was invented to denominate the Sussex march to the United States, putting the responsibility on her) it was always that the Duchess of Sussex was the guest star on a talk show on American television, to tell endearing anecdotes about herself while wearing an expensive blouse and behaving like the star of Hollywood that never was, “says Moir.

Meghan Markle, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (EllenTube)

Precisely, the columnist did not ignore what we mentioned lines above, the delicate situation that the American comedian has experienced: “There was more irony in the fact that Meghan and Ellen were humming together, seemingly caring for nothing in the world, even though both women have recently suffered reputational damage as their public standing as two sweet and kind people has been undermined for the accusations – vehemently denied by the Duchess – of bullying and malice. ”

But the most devastating paragraph of his article is the following: “He also complied with the instruction to ‘eat like a squirrel’. Dear God. The House of Windsor must sigh in relief that the Sussexes are out of the ‘royal’ fold, to miles away, in the kind of showbiz bubble where this unworthy nonsense is (socially) acceptable. ”

Piers Morgan, last March. (Reuters / Toby Melville)

Before the interview aired, swords were already raised and Piers Morgan, Meghan’s nemesis, had already ruled on her before the broadcast and put on the table, with sarcasm, one of the issues that have persecuted her the most, that she has supposedly treated the palace staff badly, because as it will be remembered there was a cascade of resignations before she and her husband decided to leave the English royal family and the obligations they had acquired behind.

So she posted the promo photo of Meghan Markle and Ellen DeGeneres together on Twitter and stated, “Are you arguing about bullying in the workplace?” Everyone knows the journalist’s animosity towards the Duchess of Sussex, which led him to be tremendously harsh after the interview with Oprah Winfrey and which ended up causing his ‘Good Morning Britain’ march after a heated discussion with a fellow programmer.

Some very significant words

There are many voices that have been raised against the Sussexes, but perhaps one of the most significant was Angela Levin, Harry’s Authorized Biographer, who did some foreboding and evil demonstrations in ‘Tatler’ in March of last year that are very much in the vein of Jan Moir’s article: “Harry and Meghan agree with their ‘me, me, me’ lifestyle, Or is one of the two the leader and the other has been brainwashed and is simply his comparsa? What will Harry do when Meghan establishes her celebrity status in Los Angeles, bring her the bag? Recently, friends whose name remains anonymous they told an American publication that they have forbidden Harry, who is no longer a child, to return home to his family. ”

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Mercilessly against Meghan Markle for her interview with Ellen: “The Windsors must sigh in relief”