Mexican actress Carmen Salinas dies at 82

Mexican actress Carmen Salinas died this Thursday at the age of 82, after suffering a stroke that kept her in a coma for weeks in a hospital in Mexico City, according to her relatives through their official network accounts.

“It is with deep pain that we inform you that the actress Carmen Salinas has passed away today, December 9, 2021,” they wrote on Instagram.

“We thank all of your expressions of support and respect for our family: as well as the expressions of affection and prayers that you offered to our beloved Carmelita Salinas,” the text continued.

“This night will be remembered with great sadness, Carmelita Salinas, you are already with God. Leaving us his great legacy ”, wrote on his Twitter account its producer, Juan Osorio.

The Las Estrellas channel also reported his death via Twitter. “The entertainment world dresses in mourning for the sensitive death of the legendary film, theater and television actress Carmen Salinas. Rest in peace.”

On November 11, it was announced that the actress had had a severe deterioration in health. According to Salinas’s nephew, Gustavo Briones, the actress had been admitted to the hospital in a serious condition after having suffered a stroke that caused a natural coma.

Salinas, much loved in her country and recognized by the public in Latin America and the United States, starred in dozens of films and soap operas in almost 60 years of artistic career. She also ventured into politics and became a federal deputy for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) between 2015 and 2018.

When she fell ill, the actress participated in the recording of the telenovela My fortune is to love you, which Televisa broadcasts in Mexico. She played Doña Magos, a grandmother who ends up raising her grandchildren after her daughter and son-in-law died.

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A few hours before suffering the stroke, Salinas expressed his joy at participating in the soap opera and in an Instagram message invited his followers to tune in.

“They do not know how happy I am to have these beautiful grandchildren on the Telenovela MY FORTUNE IS LOVE YOU that they will be able to see it at night at 8:30 PM by the Stars,” he wrote.

The producer of the soap opera, Nicandro Díaz, told the Mexican press a few days ago that the recordings left by Salinas lasted until “shortly after mid-December.” “Out of respect for her, I have not yet wanted to think of another option,” he explained.

Who was Carmen Salinas?

Carmen Salinas Lozano was born on October 5, 1939 in Torreón, in northern Mexico. He made his television debut in 1964 on the soap opera The neighborhood, directed by Ernesto Alonso. She also stood out for her work as a producer of the play Adventuress, a successful adaptation of the film of the same name written in 1949 by the Spanish screenwriter and director Álvaro Custodio.

From a humble family, with a single mother, she only studied elementary school and began her career as a child in the 1950s, following in the footsteps of her sister Finita.

Speaking jocular and rude, but with a friendly tone that over the years became typical of a grandmother who gives blessings to her relatives, Salinas I used to go smoothly from comedy to drama.

He was part of the so-called Mexican fiction cinema for having participated in films such as The useless life of Pito Pérez (1970) or being the character of La Corcholata in beautiful at night (1975).

Carmen Salinas during the inauguration of the photographic exhibition ‘Mujer Chingona’ at the Jonathan Klip Cultural Center, on March 11, 2020 in Mexico City, Mexico.Media and Media / Getty Images

In 1997, Salinas brought the work to the stage with a musical that premiered at Mexico City’s Salón Los Ángeles and quickly became a favorite with Mexican audiences. Salinas herself played Rosaura, the owner of a cabaret where the plot takes place.

In 1956 she married the pianist Pedro Plascencia, from whom she separated in the 1960s. With Plascencia she had children María Eugenia and Pedro, who was also a musician and whose death from cancer in 1994 marked Salinas to the point of temporarily interrupting his career. Salinas also spoke openly of the pain that caused her to suffer several abortions throughout her life and the death of a newborn son whom Jesus gave her.

She is survived by her daughter María Eugenia and her grandchildren.

With information from AP and Efe.

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Mexican actress Carmen Salinas dies at 82