Michael Jackson died twelve years ago, what is the current life of his three children like?

The recent appearance of Michael Jackson’s youngest son, who now goes by the name Bigi, to make a statement about the importance of tackling climate change has shown how much the Jackson’s youngest has changed. Twelve years have passed since the king of pop passed away causing a great commotion in the world of music and leaving her three children without the one who until then had been her reference. The then children they were left in charge of the interpreter’s family and over time they have chosen different paths that have drawn their personality, a trajectory in which the memory of their father has not ceased to be present.

What a change! Michael Jackson’s son Bigi reappears to fight climate change



Prince, with a nose for business

Prince, the oldest, is now 24 years old and has a degree in Business and Administration. He has not been bitten by the music bug as if to pick up a microphone, although he did want to be behind the cameras. In 2016 he founded his own company called King’s Son Productions, which is dedicated to the production of music videos, and has put his effort into the non-profit foundation, Heal Los Angeles Foundation, with which he develops various initiatives. This initiative was created by Michael Jackson in 1992, with the aim of providing medicine for children and combating child abuse, as well as hunger, and drug and alcohol addiction. Prince also has a YouTube channel where he shows his love for motorcycles and some of the trips he has made with his.

Prince Michael Jackson resumes his great passion three months after his accident


Four years ago Prince found love in Molly Schirmang, whom he met during his college years at Loyola Marymount University. Last March, I dedicated some kind words to him on the occasion of their anniversary. “I can’t believe four years have passed. I have grown and learned a lot with you and I am very lucky to share so many adventures with you”He commented. In some of his images you can see how happy he is with Molly, with whom he has also appeared in some public events.


One of the things Prince remembers about his father, whom he lost when he was 12, is that always encouraged him to keep learning things. “I graduated and that does not mean that I have stopped learning,” he said in a conversation with Fox soul. “My father also said something like ‘the moment you stop learning is when you start to die,'” he added.

Paris, an adolescence marked by loss

With an example like that of Michael Jackson it is impossible that art does not run through his veins. Paris, the median of the house, is 23 years old and has given his life to the show. Her physique (full of tattoos), her huge blue eyes and her charisma made her a successful model from a very young age, although her restlessness led her to also try her luck in the cinema (she has participated in the series scream and the movie Gringo). He is now concentrating his efforts on consolidating his musical career with the band The Soundflowers, which he formed with Gabriel Glenn and with which he released an EP in 2020, and alone (he signs the album Wilted).

Paris Jackson prepares her Hollywood debut with Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried

Paris Jackson, daughter of the ‘King of Pop’, new muse of Chanel


In his social profiles, you can see the importance he gives to spirituality and positive philosophy. Share numerous reflections that help emotional growth and personal well-being like this: “Do you water the plants every day? And your soul? A radical life change after a difficult adolescence in which Paris dealt with addiction, anxiety and depression problems, which even led her to hurt herself, as she herself told the magazine Rolling Stones in 2017. “It was pure self-hatred,” she says, “low self-esteem, thinking that I couldn’t do anything right, thinking that I didn’t deserve to stay alive.” Heartbreaking words to describe the situation he had to face and in which he always had the support of his family.


Although he has had several couples, including artist Gabriel GlennNo relationship is currently known to her (she was recently linked to model and actress Cara Delevingne). In the space that Naomi Campbell has on YouTube, No filter, he remembered last spring how his childhood was. “If my brothers and I wanted five toys we had to read five books” a teaching that is very much in mind. “It’s about earning it, not just being entitled to certain things or to think that I have it. It is basically working to achieve it, and striving for and for it. The result is something completely different, it is an achievement. “

Bigi, the most unknown

The most uncooked of the brothers is undoubtedly Bigi, who is 19 years old. The least mediatic of the Jacksons appeared by surprise only a few days ago on the program Good morning britain to make a plea in favor of climate change prevention measures. “I think it is important that we all know about it, I think there is a lot to do but our generation knows how important it is,” he said. Bigi, who when he was little was known as Blanket (name was changed after suffering bullying), also contributes his two cents to The Heal Los Angeles foundation, in fact speaking at an organization party held at the Jackson family home in California.


Little is known about Bigi, who maintains a fairly discreet life and does not have known social profiles. As a teenager his fondness for martial arts and science fiction was known, a passion for cinema that he cultivated by launching a YouTube channel called Film Family in which he talked about movies with his brother Prince and his cousin Taj (son of Tito Jackson). Gatherings that, however, have not shared for a long time. Prince Michael III or Bigi had not spoken in the media for almost a decade. The last time was in 2012, when he spoke in the documentary Jacksonology: Our Story, where he assured that I had no interest in starting a path in music following in the trail of Michael Jackson. “He was a very good dancer, I neither dance nor sing … I am not that kind of person,” said the young man, who was then 10 years old.

Although they are not lavish in many public events, it can be seen through small indications how the three brothers continue to maintain a very close relationship. The Jacksons always demonstrated, despite the controversies that splashed them (especially in the lifetime of the patriarch Joe), who were a close family. This can be seen in the affectionate words that Prince dedicates to his sister Paris for her birthday or in the complicity that is appreciated between him and Bigi. Also always united with the memories of a childhood in which, despite the fame, they were happy.

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Michael Jackson died twelve years ago, what is the current life of his three children like?