Michel Brown and Natasha Klauss: This was their reunion in ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’

Actors Michael Brown Y Natasha Klaus attended the program ‘Latino Now!’where in addition to having a fun time with the drivers Alix Asper Y andrea mezathey talked about how their reunion was for the second part of ‘Passion of Hawks’the story that has hooked the public in a story of love and intrigue, and that after 20 years returns with the entire original cast.

About how they feel about this project that will premiere next February 14 at 10PM/9C on Telemundothe famous commented.

“Very well, very happy to enjoy this possibility that rarely occurs. The other day we talked in an interview that novels are usually made again after 20 years, but never in history has one been made with the same cast. So, we’re enjoying it a lot,” said Brown, 45.

For her part, the Colombian Klauss highlighted, “It has been feeling that love, that chemistry, that union that we really had since the first season, and when that happens, time passes, but that does not change, only now, the word could be ‘mature’, but it sounds a bit weird”. To which, between laughs, her Argentinian partner of hers was happy, “You’re wanting to say something about ‘mature’, to see how we’re going to get along”.

Michel also recounted the situation that occurred in which his participation in the project almost did not materialize and how his relationship with Natasha is, “I was shooting a series and I knew that another one was going to be filmed at the end that was spliced, and that series could not be done, so nothing, happy.

“I’m happy with Nata, we worked together several times and we have very good chemistry and we understand each other as actors, and we really enjoy working, and we know that they were an endearing couple and nothing, having the possibility of giving closure to this that gave us both in our career, in life, it was a good possibility, so here we are very happy, “added the actor.

After so many years of their successful first part, the famous told what was the most complicated in this long-awaited reunion. “I think that the most difficult thing was precisely to rebuild between us that gap of years, so to speak, that time, in which as a couple we had to build something and return to fill that half between the moment we are together as true love and to come back, that for me at least as an actress was the most difficult”, pointed out, Klauss.

Finally, Michel Brown and Natasha Klauss talked about what their characters were like in ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’ 20 years ago and now.

About Franco Reyes, Michel said, “My character was a young man in love, the mediator of the family, a guy with a big heart and very sensitive. And now, we find ourselves with an absolutely helpless guy, trying to piece together the puzzle of his life and looking for how he is going to explain the disaster that he sowed”.

While Natasha said of Sarita Elizondo, “Sarita, 18 years ago, after not believing in love at all and being completely repressed, she found those feelings in Franco and the years go by, and that love is gone, and now with some kids, it leaves her on pretty vulnerable ground, which makes her make a lot of mistakes.”

Remember that, the second season of ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, which was filmed entirely in Colombia and will premiere on February 14 at 10PM/C on Telemundowill tell the new challenges that Juan Reyes and Norma Elizondo, and much more that you can not miss.

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Michel Brown and Natasha Klauss: This was their reunion in ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’