Michelle Salas receives a surprise visit from her mother and grandmother in New York

Undoubtedly, Michelle Salas He has a very special connection with all the members of his famous family, so he always tries to keep abreast of what is happening with each of them, despite the distance. Also, the socialite is always looking for a space in her busy schedule to visit his clan in Mexico and share with them the most special moments, especially next to their great-grandmother, doña Silvia Pinal, with whom Michelle has a very close relationship. And although it is usually the influencer who surprises her family with her visits, this time she has been the one who has been surprised by her mother, Stephanie Salas, and for his grandmother, Sylvia Pasquel, who traveled to New York to meet the model and spend some very fun days with her walking around the Big Apple.



This is how Michelle has shared it through her Instagram stories, where she shared a series of videos in which she could see how her famous mother and grandmother were already waiting for her in her apartment while she was arriving, registering the emotional moment in their social networks. Between hugs and kisses, it was that Luis Miguel’s daughter was reunited with Stephanie and Sylvia, being very moved by the unexpected visit of her family, whom she had stopped seeing for a few months due to her work and the work commitments of her grandmother and mother.

In another video shared by Salas, they can be seen enjoying dinner at a New York restaurant, after a day of shopping. And of course, being a very special occasion, they took advantage of the fact that three generations of the family managed to get together to toast with some glasses of wine. “Finally together!“Michelle expressed the most excited while her company collided with that of her companions, who showed themselves very smiling when it came to toasting with Michelle.


Stephanie Salas, the proudest of her daughters

From a young age, the daughter of Sylvia Pasquel has shown that she is a woman with very clear determinations. And it is that before reaching the age of majority, she debuted in motherhood with the arrival of Michelle, a facet that she combined with her career as a singer, a profession that she maintains to this day and that helped her to raise her two daughters. Although she recognized that the road has not been easy, the satisfaction of seeing Michelle and Camila turned into independent and successful women makes her realize that all the sacrifice has been worth it: “Realizing that I did a great job as a mother, gives me peace of mind, I feel satisfied with everything that, as a woman and as a mother, I have achieved”, he confessed in an interview with People from the newspaper Reform.

In that same talk, Stephanie Salas said that when her daughters were younger, on some occasions she had to put aside her professional part to focus on raising the girls with whom she has an unparalleled connection: “Educating my daughters Michelle and Camila has been my priority in life. Sometimes I have even put my career aside to achieve that goal ”, added.


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Michelle Salas receives a surprise visit from her mother and grandmother in New York