Michelle Salas says goodbye to a loved one and moves with her words

michelle halls say goodbye to a loved one and move with your words. As we have already mentioned in I am Carminethe daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas is in mourning for the departure of one of his faithful companions, his kitten Valentino.

And it is that michelle halls she has shone creating a name for herself in the fashion industry as a designer, model and critic, she has become the Mexican ambassador for various renowned brands and it is no coincidence, since at the age of 18 she said goodbye to Mexico to study fashion and make your own career. Throughout this personal adventure, someone who was always by her side was precisely valentinea cat that became his family and that today has crossed the rainbow.

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It was the words of encouragement Stephanie Chambers towards Michelle those who confirmed that her daughter’s kitten had lost the battle against cancer that was detected at the end of December and today, it is her own michelle halls who opens his heart and tells how hard these days have been:

“I have been living this process for days, I needed a time of silence to begin to assimilate and try to heal the emptiness that I have in my heart �� Valentino, my “Malén”, my life partner, my baby, my kitten with the soul of a dog noble… Eight years ago you came to change my life. For the first time I felt completely responsible for the care of a being, a wonderful furry being who made me happy every morning with little kisses and purrs.

You were my accomplice, my companion in life, travel, moments of happiness and also a few tears, my confidant, my pillow, my family…

Your great personality conquered the hearts of those who knew you and also those who did not. Because you know, those who didn’t know you in person always asked about you too. Valentino, my chubby with a face of few friends I have to thank you for so much. Thank you for choosing me, for giving me the opportunity to have you by my side all these years, for teaching me to be dedicated and showing me true love, the one that doesn’t ask for anything in return and only gives. Because that’s what you always did, you were pure love. You know very well that I would have continued fighting with you for the rest of eternity but I couldn’t be selfish. Difficult to understand that sometimes we have to let go to find ourselves again. But I stay at peace because I know I did everything in my power and more to give you a little more time and quality of life. Now I know that you are already calm in kitty heaven sleeping as you like so much and eating turkey ham and tuna belly ☺️

It is still hard for me to even think about how to return to my life without having you close, without being able to hug you, tell you about my day, but every day what happens it becomes clearer to me that you are still very present and will continue for the rest of my life. As I told you the last day I saw you. This farewell is not the end, but a new beginning. I love you Men! To infinity,” Luis Miguel’s daughter wrote on Instagram.

Valentino was his most beloved companion, he accompanied him through several of the most important moments of his life and also the hardest, such as when he suffered a terrible injury while skiing and spent months recovering. michelle halls he was in Mexico celebrating the holidays and waiting for his great-grandmother to recover Silvia Pinalwhen he was informed that his cat’s health was delicate, he immediately returned to Madrid to be on the lookout and although he did everything possible to give him the best chance of life, the inevitable came.

this ordeal michelle halls She did not face it alone, because at her side was Danilo Díaz Granados, with whom, when she appeared, she again gave herself an opportunity in love. The Venezuelan businessman was with her while the Valentino situation was resolved.

Michelle Salas, prominent heiress of the Pinal dynasty

Even though michelle halls is very affected by the loss of her beloved cat Valentino Salas, the young influencer he also knows that the show must go on. Her mother’s family, the Pinal dynasty, has precisely stood out for its beautiful and very talented women, so she is no exception.

Even though michelle halls She is not indifferent to music and acting, she has chosen to shine in the world of fashion and has emphasized that one of the most influential figures in her style has been precisely her great-grandmother Silvia Pinalgreat diva of Mexican cinema,

michelle halls He has also taken shelter in the love of three great women who are what he loves most in life, his grandmother Sylvia Pasquelhis mother Stephanie Chambers and her sister, Camila Valero, for which she has always enjoyed great support in each of her decisions.

about his father Luis Miguel, michelle halls He speaks little and after the way he was shown in the biographical series of the Sun, he has maintained that relationship with a low profile, but they have also had their good moments and the followers of both hope to see them together soon.

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Michelle Salas says goodbye to a loved one and moves with her words