Michelle Salas shows how to dress elegantly in velvet next to her beautiful mother

Michelle Salas shows how to dress elegantly in velvet next to her beautiful mother, sporting one of the fall trends as she takes another look at her new haircut that has been the sensation.

Although we are used to seeing Michelle Salas, the daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas as a fashion ambassador for various brands, the reality is that in addition to being a model, she is a great designer. Talent and creativity is something that runs through the veins of all the women of the Pinal dynasty But Michelle has chosen to pursue a career away from music and acting.

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After having toured the fashion week in the main cities of the world, Michelle Salas come home and share the details of your collection with Stradivarius, where in addition to posing in some pieces, he had a luxury model, his beautiful mother Stephanie Salas.

In a most fun session, Michelle Salas with everything and her new haircut, a well marked bob that has fallen in love, posed with a stunning green ensemble where the velvet pieces stood out.

Green is one of the colors of the season, another is orange, a tone that Stephanie Salas He wore very elegantly in a casual outfit. The collection is now available on the Stradivarius page and Michelle couldn’t be more proud of the response she’s getting.

Michelle Salas, says goodbye to the year with a new style and captivates

It was this week when Michelle Salas unveiled his new haircut, one that for many evoked his paternal grandmother, Marcela basteri, who, although he did not have the pleasure of meeting, has also been a figure of great importance in his father’s life, Luis Miguel.

For the followers of Michelle Salas It is a pleasure to see you again on the catwalks, creating and sharing, because after the accident that he suffered this year and that kept him a little inactive to undergo surgeries and therapies, several of his commitments had to be postponed and she was sorry to have to stop everything to take care of your health.

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With the force that characterizes the women of her family, from the great Silvia Pinal, her grandmother Sylvia Pasquel, your aunt Alejandra Guzman, her cousin Frida Sofía and her mother Stephanie Salas, Michelle managed to overcome and today she is shining with her own light again.

Many have repeatedly criticized Michelle Salas insinuating that for her famous family she has had everything easy, but the young woman has proven otherwise, she has worked hard and since she was 18 years old she has made her way to show her own talent, inspiring women who dream of being part of the world of the fashion, that demonstrate the education they received at home and that they have been inspired by strong and close women to get ahead.

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Michelle Salas shows how to dress elegantly in velvet next to her beautiful mother