Miguel Varoni will undergo facial surgery and wants to ‘be like Maluma’

Miguel Varoni, actor remembered for his iconic role as peter the scaly, has faced consequences of covid-19 that, in addition to affecting his memory, caused him to have a radical weight loss. Although no one should comment on the body of other people, around Varoni, 57, the comments were of concern. After what he experienced, he is ready for facial rejuvenation surgery.

Varoni, a well-known actor, producer and current Telemundo figure, is ready to try to reduce the physical consequences that covid-19 left him through plastic surgery. By losing so much muscle mass, he considers that he looks older than his age.

At the beginning of December 2021, his wife Katherine Siachoque was the one who referred to the change experienced by her husband. That time, she spoke with the Venezuelan writer Indira Páez due to the dozens of messages they received to find out what was happening with the actor. There were those who claimed that “the transformation” had to do with the fact that the actor was practicing veganism. His partner made it clear that this was not the case, he replied that time in Time, from Colombia.

“I think I have never seen someone lose weight so quickly, they became like this dry, dry, dry and I know a friend, moreover, that after the covid she was inflamed. I tell him, if it had hit me, it would have been inflamed too, this one was very skinny, blessed be God, “said Siachoque that time. She also added that her partner – who has accompanied her for 25 years – also had memory impairments, since she does not remember situations that happened during the time of illness.

The decision to rejuvenate

On his Instagram, Varoni has shared stories and has even created a prominent one (which remains on his profile) called ‘Transformation’, in which it seems he is going to share the process that will take place in Colombia. The image you posted has a link that leads to the note of People in spanish, in which he reviews what he has lived.

“Tomorrow this transformation adventure begins,” he announced a week ago. Varoni put himself in the hands of Dr. Alan González, who has used his social networks to talk about the process and refer to what the actor has been experiencing.

“Can you imagine having a young mind trapped in an older looking body? Can you imagine the effort that must be made to overcome your own fears or those of your loved ones? Think about the daily fight against stigmatization and stereotypes; in how complex it is to overcome active or passive bullying. In the arduous task that implies managing to balance mind and image, and thus harmonize the body with the spirit. Well, to answer these questions, we invite you to learn about the origin of this history of facial rejuvenation”.

this is how you want to look

In the video, in which Miguel Varoni appears prepared to enter the operating room -with the surgery guidelines drawn on his face and neck-, the Colombian jokes and makes it very clear what the result he wants to obtain is.

“Doc, I’ve changed my mind”, says Varoni, The doctor asks: “what happened?”

The actor replies: “I want you to make me look like this after the transformation (and shows a photo of Colombian Maluma). The surgeon laughs and asks if he is sure, Varoni tells him yes, that “we are going with everything”.

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Miguel Varoni will undergo facial surgery and wants to ‘be like Maluma’