Mike Bahía broke the silence and spoke about Greeicy Rendón’s treatment of her baby

Greeicy Rendón, who is currently one of the most important artists in Colombia, reappeared a few days ago on social networks after giving birth to little Kai and showed how everything related to motherhood has gone.

Through Instagram stories, The singer shared with all her followers that this stage has not been so simple and that things are not rosy. However, he pointed out that he loves his baby very much.

Hello, you may be wondering how I am. I feel like I’m at a dead end. You always want to be up, don’t you? My life and my time, what?” the Valle del Cauca woman laughed.

Although he did it as a joke, the artist received hundreds of criticisms on different social networks. Many Internet users even indicated that “this was not the most appropriate way” to express themselves towards her son.

“For those who do not understand my humor, Don’t start saying that I don’t love my baby, just that I’m a gruff mom. They know we love each other.”Rendon responded to this type of comment.

After the controversy that arose around this issue, Mike Bahía broke the silence this week and came out in defense of his sentimental partner. Furthermore, he stated that many people wish they had a mother like her.

The singer, in the same way, took advantage of the moment to publish some photographs of the Valle del Cauca and dedicate some emotional words to her on her personal Instagram account, where she highlights her role as the mother of little Kai.

“I admire you a little more every night, but above all I thank life for waking up so well camping every morning. Our baby has the mother that many would like to have, ”she initially indicated.

Then the urban music artist added: “I love you mate! This beautiful adventure is just beginning (PS: I know you’re going to kill me for the second photobut I love it)”.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that Greeicy Rendón has been criticized for this type of behavior, since during her pregnancy she received some comments about the way she spoke to her belly and the aggressive way she said things.

The Valle del Cauca, on the other hand, recently published several dancing videos in Instagram stories, in which you can see how her abdomen looks after the first month of giving birth to her first child.

“Taking advantage of the fact that the boy fell asleep on us. yesand my time will run out. Do these people believe that I am not a mother? In other words, they are there killing time, while my time is running out, because the boy is crying and my time is running out and I have to run away. They do not understand the life of a mother!

Similarly, the singer Stronger, The kisses Y Now for what, Among other successes, he shared with new mothers an exercise routine, since the woman’s body is usually resentful and tends to be flaccid (although this is not always the case).

“If you came out of your pregnancy, this is a cool exercise to get the skin back on. They must inhale deeply and then exhale, also maintaining the rhythm so that after releasing all the air, contract the abdomen as much as possible”he concluded.

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Mike Bahía broke the silence and spoke about Greeicy Rendón’s treatment of her baby