Moisés Cadavid, the son of Dora Cadavid whose death seriously affected his health

Dora Cadavid passed away at the age of 84. (Photo: Twitter)
Dora Cadavid passed away at the age of 84. (Photo: Twitter)

The recent death of actress Dora at the age of 84 after suffering from a delicate pulmonary complication, an ailment for which she had been in the Shaio Clinic for several days, has generated great nostalgia not only in the national territory but also in several countries due to to worldwide success in the novel Yo soy Betty la fea, and her memorable role as the noble ‘Inecita’.

One of Dora’s memories, by one of her closest friends, also an actress María Cecilia Botero, who in an interview with the program called Bravisimo, mentioned a fundamental fact that would have split the life of the great national artist in two. .

This fact was the death of his son Móises Cadavid, who died at the age of 53 due to an advanced stage of pancreatic cancer, in October 2012. “For Dora it was such a hard blow; a very big fall, she began to get sick, she began to not feel well. Rather, the pain and sadness of her sank a lot ”Cecilia Botero commented.

Cadavid, who was actually called Ricardo Francisco Valenzuela Cadavid, but who would have been named Móises in honor of his mother, was a theater impresario for the works of his Dora and other theatrical productions in Bogotá.

Móises Cadavid worked on different telenovelas such as ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, ‘La traición’, ‘Madre Luna’ or ‘Decisiones’. He studied dramatic art and cinema for years at the Academy of Dance in Mexico and Italy.

The unfortunate death of Móises happened when promoting the play entitled ‘3 points of view’, at the José Consuegra Higgins theater, the battle was won by cancer.

Before the death of Dora’s son, he was accused of alleged irregularities in money management, even a well-known gossip program had come out talking about Mósies, to which the actress who today mourns Colombia would have pointed out: “After that note he went into a depression that he had never had. Those of ‘La red’ wanted the artistic death of Moisés and achieved his material death. Even if they are throwing the last shovelful of dirt in my grave, I will never forgive them.”

From this fact that generated the deepest pain of mother to the actress Dora Cadavid something happened, perhaps fed up precisely with the morbidity and gossip of the middle of the show business, she decided to enter a nursing home where she lived her last years, away from the world of the television and entertainment.

The emblematic national actress would have spoken in a talk show about her position regarding having entered the nursing home on her own: “My nieces were worried that I lived alone and one with age should not be alone anywhere, and I do not want to be a burden to anyone.”

Upon hearing the news of the death of the woman who was one of the first to appear on national television, after having established herself as an announcer and actress in radio soap operas, social networks were flooded with publications in which Colombians of different ages lamented her game, but rescued and applauded the talent of Cadavid. Dora will always be remembered for the talent and passion dedicated to each character.


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Moisés Cadavid, the son of Dora Cadavid whose death seriously affected his health