Monaco’s Charlene sister-in-law casts doubt on the Princess’s immediate plans

Charlene from Monaco arrived in the Principality last Monday after six months recovering in her South Africa from a serious infection away from her family. His return did not disappoint and he starred a long-awaited reunion with her husband, Prince Albert, and their children, Jacques and Gabriella, with some images that even included the dog that was brought from his native country. The hugs, the smiles under the masks … everything seemed to indicate that life in the Palace was returning to normal. The Princess was also on time to accompany her husband on his next trip to Dubai this Saturday, to which the sovereign already said that he hoped to go with his wife. However, the words of Chantell Wittstock, Charlene’s sister-in-law have sown all the doubts. As he has told the Daily Mail, the Princess may not reside permanently in the palace or immediately resume the institutional agenda.

Charlene’s first words after her return to Monaco

The British newspaper assures that before going to South Africa, Alberto de Monaco’s wife already lived most of the time in a two-room apartment located about 300 meters from the imposing official residence of the Grimaldi. Now, her brother’s wife, Sean Wittstock, believes that she will choose the most comfortable option for her, whether it is to settle back in their refuge or live between them. “It is not clear yet where it will be installed or anything like that, that is, it has just arrived and has yet to be located. The Princess is very happy to see the children and they to see their mother again”, explained Chantell, who in any case has stressed that whatever her choice is “it will be with her husband and with her children.”

As to his return to official acts, Charlene’s sister-in-law and a member of the board of her charitable foundation does not clear up too many doubts, sincee it all depends on your recovery being complete. “That does not happen overnight. She, of course, is going to take it easy. And yes, her main priority now will be spending time with her children and her family,” he insisted. These words suggest that it may be premature to catch another flight just four days after your return, taking into account that until now doctors advised against putting yourself under high pressure. However, her sister-in-law insists that the latest treatments performed in South Africa have been “a success.”


This is how Charlene de Monaco’s six months have been in South Africa

In case the Princess is finally unable to accompany Albert of Monaco on his visit to the World’s Fair in Dubai this Saturday, his expected reappearance in public could be on November 19 on the occasion of Monaco National Day. It would be a date with an enormous symbolic charge since it is the day that the Grimaldi traditionally meet in full and this year would be marked by the return of Charlene to the balcony of the palace, if it occurs, and also by the return of this very important act for Monegasques without the restrictions of the pandemic that prevailed last year. However, according to her sister-in-law, it will be the pace of her recovery that dictates when she will have to rejoin the institutional agenda.

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Monaco’s Charlene sister-in-law casts doubt on the Princess’s immediate plans