More details of the meeting between China Suárez and Mauro Icardi: the accomplice of the footballer who slept in a car

China Suárez, Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara

Details keep popping up from the meeting between China Suárez and Mauro Icardi, almost a month after the scandal came to light and after, apparently, the footballer and Wanda Nara reconciled again.

According to Yanina Latorre, it was the same footballer who would have booked the hotel room in Paris where the meeting with the former Almost Angeles took place. “I don’t know if he paid for the room because they could give it to him for free and after the game it was.”

They would have accompanied him to the game according to the little angel, a polo player or petisero friend and Jakob von Plessen, Mauro’s brother-in-law and Zaira Nara’s husband. After the sports meeting they went to the hotel where the forward saw the actress. “The issue is that Wanda’s house in Paris has cameras, so if Jakob comes back only Wanda notices it”, andYanina explained why neither of the two brothers-in-law returned to sleep that night.

Where was Jakob while Mauro was visiting China in a hotel? According to what they said, he did not want to go to Wanda’s house so that if she saw the cameras she would not suspect that her husband was not there, so to support the footballer, he stayed asleep in the car.

According to the panelist, they were home alone since that weekend the Nara sisters had gone to Milan to enjoy fashion week and had gone with their children Valentino, Constantino, Benedicto, Francesca, Isabella, Malaika and Viggo .

Zaira and her partner
Zaira and her partner

A few days ago Latorre had assured that Wanda was sending him emails with information about the meeting, from friends of the actress. This person also called her, and acknowledged that it was Icardi who bought the tickets for the young woman and who met in a hotel in the city of lights, with the excuse that she had asked him for the pink PSG shirt.

This would have caused risks in the relationship between Zaira and her husband. In dialogue with Paparazzi, close to the couple said that “they are not going to separate but the weekend had a bad time ”. “She is in a very important crisis with her husband because of what happened with Mauro Icardi. He can’t believe he’s gotten in there. “, detailed.

In recent days, Ana Rosenfeld, friend and lawyer of the oldest of the Nara, spoke of the rupture. “HThere are particular cases in which they stayed together because they realized what they were losing, not from the economic point of view, but from the emotional point of view.“The lawyer said at first and added:” Something very difficult to redeem is trust, because if there was ever a deliz, it is very difficult to trust others again, any woman feels betrayed and begins to think what was wrong. what he did and also what he did not do ”.

Regarding the specific case of her friend and the forward, she said in dialogue with PH: “I was surprised, I saw a very well formed couple, where there was a lot of affection, a lot of respect, they were really buddies and companions, they shared the tasks very well, and I never imagined that Icardi could commit a mischief, because ultimately it’s like the mischief is already aired ”.

When the driver asked her if they had confirmed that it was only a “virtual flirtation” or if the affair had passed to the level of a face-to-face meeting between Icardi and Suárez, the lawyer remained cautious: “There was talk of a virtual infidelity, and it became an international debate what a woman can feel and the pain that finding out about something like this can cause, but the truth is that I am not sure if it passed from virtuality or not ”.


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More details of the meeting between China Suárez and Mauro Icardi: the accomplice of the footballer who slept in a car