More intelligent and lying zodiac signs; Lucky charms; the Cuban Murderer and JLo

Throughout the convulsed year 2021, the Nuevo Herald published an infinity of local, national and world news daily both on its Internet portal and in its paper edition.

Among the most memorable and sadly most tragic events were the assault on the United States Capitol on January 6, the continuing health and economic challenges posed to humanity by the coronavirus pandemic, and the catastrophic collapse of an adjoining residential tower. to Miami Beach, which left 98 dead under the rubble.

Nonetheless, readers of the newspaper’s website had their reading preferences, encompassing a wide range of news stories on astrology, Latina celebrity celebrities, Cuban boxing, personal finance, and tips for healthy living.

Here is our list of the 10 most viral stories in the Nuevo Herald measured by readership:

Cuban Gustavo Trujillo gives a sensational knockout in barehanded boxing

Gustavo Trujillo not only impressed with a massive knockout at Miami’s James L. Knight Center, but he sent a message to the entire Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship: I’m not going to stop until I’m champion

Known as the “Cuban Assassin”, Gustavo Trujillo not only impressed with a devastating knockout in Miami but sent a message to everyone: “I am not going to stop until I become a champion and that will be sooner rather than later.”

A single blow in November was enough to send his opponent to the canvas for good, with barely 32 seconds of action elapsed. Continue reading on the Cuban boxing killer.

What are the smartest zodiac signs? There are four that stand out

All the zodiac signs offer remarkable abilities such as intelligence, but some express it in a different and perhaps more efficient way. Timothy dykes Unsplash

All the zodiac signs offer remarkable abilities such as intelligence – the ability to reason, understand, synthesize information – but some express it in a different and perhaps more efficient way.

In fact, there are four signs of the zodiac that stand out from the rest in relation to their IQs. Keep reading about the smarter zodiac signs.

JLo seeks consolation in Marc Anthony after his separation from Alex Rodríguez

JLo and Marc Anthony made headlines when they kissed at the Latin Grammy ceremony in November 2016. Univision video capture

Jennifer López recovered from her romantic failure after breaking up with Alex Rodríguez.

So it was not surprising that the Bronx Diva sought refuge in Marc Anthony, her ex-husband and father of her twins, after their highly publicized romance ended. Continue reading about Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Do you want to improve your intestinal health? Pay attention to your feces and farts

life fruits and veggies 1
A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will contain more fiber, which will help improve your digestive tract. Getty Images / Thinkstock Getty Images / Thinkstock

A recent study found that men on a high-fiber diet, full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains, had better gut health, as measured by their stools and farts.

The increased wind speeds are due to the good bacteria that ferment the fiber. Continue reading about the better gut health.

Which lucky charm should you wear in 2022 according to your zodiac sign?

The butterfly is the charm for Libra in 2022. It will give you the gift of accepting change with grace and eloquence. Reign Abarintos Unsplash

Amulets offer security and prosperity, and have been used for centuries in various spiritual and religious beliefs, which have coexisted with the world’s civilizations.

In the year 2022 to attract good luck and prosperity there are certain charms that you would benefit from wearing according to your zodiac sign. Keep reading about the lucky charms in 2022.

What is the most liar sign of the zodiac?

Each zodiac sign has its own style of lying and some are better than others. krakenimages Unsplash

Each zodiac sign has its own style of lying and some are better than others.

The best gifted sign to lie is Gemini, because of their talent for communication, it is difficult to get caught, but it often happens because they usually do not calculate much about the future. Continue reading about the most liar zodiac sign.

Will there be a third stimulus check for $ 2,000? This is what we know so far?

The possibility of a third stimulus check of $ 2,000 or the difference of the $ 600 sent by the IRS, that is, $ 1,400, increased with the Democratic victory that will lead the legislators of this party to take control of the Senate. Jeff Fusco Getty Images

Earlier this year, the Democratic Senate win put the third $ 2,000 stimulus check on the table.

The second stimulus payments of $ 600 began to be sent from the end of December last year, and certainly months later the Americans who qualified received the third direct payment of $ 1,400. Continue reading about the third stimulus check.

They want to grab Carmen Villalobos with brooms … for being a husband robber

F_re_Foto # 1 CARME_fitted.jpeg
Carmen Villalobos Courtesy / Telemundo

Carmen Villalobos is stealing the soap opera woman-fragranced coffee like Lucía Sanclemente, a sexy villain, calculating, ruined and rejected who defends her “ex” as a cat on her back.

That is why in the street they yell at him: “Husband-rape, boyfriend-stealer, perverse, hypocrite ”… but others congratulate her on her great work. Continue reading about Carmen Villalobos, the husbands robber.

Carlos Vives and Ricky Martin sweep Puerto Rico with a declaration of love

Carlos Vives and Ricky Martin Courtesy / Applemusic

At the Latin American Music Awards, Colombian Carlos Vives shared the stage with his Puerto Rican friend Ricky Martin, where with his song Beautiful song, they made a declaration of love to Puerto Rico.

It’s a delightful story that has been woven over the decades, since Vives and Martin met when Ricky was 17 years old. Continue reading about Carlos Vives and Ricky Martin.

Two anti-hypertension drugs recalled due to possible excess content of a carcinogen

Medicine cabinet picture
David J. Neal / Miami Herald

Pharmaceutical Lupine recalled hypertension medications for a carcinogenic element present in all batches of irbesartan drug tablets.

The FDA said that “some batches of [ingrediente farmacéutico activo] tested (but not finished product batches) exceeded the specification limit for the impurity N-nitrosoirbeartan ”. Keep reading about the anti-hypertensive medications withdrawn.

This story was originally published on December 29, 2021 6:24 pm.

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More intelligent and lying zodiac signs; Lucky charms; the Cuban Murderer and JLo