Mother cries for her son, they beat him in Querétaro and he has a stroke; there were already 10 detainees

Despite the fact that “screams” were requested on social networks that the mothers of those involved in the pitched battle at the Corregidora stadium in Querétaro be the ones to hand them over to the authorities, because this would represent an act of love and respect for the country due to the terrible behavior of the aggressors, this did not happen and the police were the ones who had to go to their house for them. 10 detainees are reported.

According to a bulletin from the Querétaro State Prosecutor’s Office, it was reported that yesterday, Monday, as part of continuing the investigation into what happened on March 5 during the Querétaro vs. Atlas match, the first 10 males were arrested.

With the foregoing, the authorities notified that 21 search warrants issued by the Control Judge of the Judicial Branch had been complied with.

To the detainees named Jesús “N”, José Alfredo “N”, Iván “N”, Jonathan Carlos “N”, Víctor “N”, Adrián “N”, Juan Manuel “N”, Eduardo “N” and Edgar Emmanuel “N”; They were detained with arrest warrants for their possible participation in crimes of attempted murder, violence in sporting events and advocacy of crime.

The arrests were made during searches carried out in the San Pedrito Peñuelas, La Loma, Cerrito Colorado, San Idelfonso, Santa Rosa Jáuregui, Constituent Park, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, San Pablo Development, La Piedad and Agrarian Reform neighborhoods, in the state capital. . In addition, in the La Pradera, Emiliano Zapata, San Idelfonso and El Organal neighborhoods, in the municipalities of El Marqués, Corregidora, Colón and San Juan del Río, respectively.

In the searches, 82 sports garments with logos of the Querétaro team, 4 pairs of tennis shoes -some with possible blood stains-, 22 cell phones and different indications that will contribute to the continuity of the investigations were seized.

For the identification of criminal behavior and the 26 possible interveners, information was received through our social networks, for which 583 images, 78 videos, more than a thousand messages with information and anonymous complaints to 089 were analyzed; in addition, to extract information from the videos of the surveillance cameras of the Corregidora Stadium.

All male detainees will be brought before the judicial authority to determine their legal status. The investigations continue and the information will be kept open to the public.

People who have been attacked are requested to collaborate in presenting themselves at the Specialized Unit for the Investigation of the Crime of Homicide, to formulate their complaint and avoid impunity. You can generate your appointment, through the number 442 238 7622.

Despite the detainees, a mother cries, her son had a stroke

Relatives of Esteban Hernandez Martinezan Atlas fan and a member of the 51st bar, request financial support for their medical expenses, as they suffered a stroke after the fight that took place at the La Corregidora stadium in Querétaro.

In social networks they are requesting financial support to be able to cover all the expenses that this has generated.

Fans have created an account to raise funds and support Esteban and his family. Social media users began sending screenshots of their donations.

The member of the bar 51 better known as “Razor” is intubated in the general hospital of Querétaro.

Esteban was identified by his characteristic chest tattoos, including the Atlas shield.

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Mother cries for her son, they beat him in Querétaro and he has a stroke; there were already 10 detainees