My name is: Amparo Grisales claims to have a “very nice boyfriend”

Colombian actress – Amparo Grisales. Photo: @ agrisales333

Romantic relationships are a subject that, depending on the figure of entertainment in question, is left in the realm of the purely private or could get into the bag of the public and speak without buts about the matter either in the media or on social media. In the case of Amparo Grisales, the actress has stood on both sides; While you could speak publicly about your romantic stories, you could also simply not.

Now, what is your current emotional status? The Manizaleña has realized the existing belief that she is single, however, in her love life there is someone present, of whom she did not expand the information regarding her name.

Grisales put the issue on the table in ‘Yo me llamo’ (2021), specifically he was heard talking about it in the chapter observed on November 4. In a talk among the jurors, Yeison Jiménez gave the actress the phrase: “I am here to accompany beautiful women like you …”; Immediately Amparo overthrew the idea that she is single and defined her boyfriend as “very cute”.

“Everyone thinks that I don’t have a husband, maybe I live it by riding on the networks. I have a husband, a boyfriend, I have a very nice boyfriend”, He asserted in the reality of musical imitation.

In the years that Amparo Grisales has carried the title of public figure, there are some sentimental couples who have dreamed of in her life. For example, among them the one who would be his first and last partner stands out: Germán Tessarolo (Argentine painter) – whose relationship developed in adolescence – and apparently a Brazilian, his name has not been public, but the courtship ended at one point final in 2019.

What happened in the most recent chapter of ‘Yo me llamo’ ?:

The reality show is going through its initial stage: auditions, and among the new group of imitators observed last night (Friday, November 5) there was a great variety of styles and musical genres. As for the contestants who had a free hand to develop the following filter, there are those who represented Jhon Alex Castaño (Colombian popular music singer), Myriam Hernández (Chilean ballad and pop singer) and Andy Montañez (Puerto Rican salsa singer).

However, several participants stayed on the side of the disapproved, that is, those who were not victorious in the auditions, for example: Shakira (Colombian pop singer) – there is already a version of the artist that passed – another Paola Jara (Colombian singer of popular music) – as for the Antioqueña, there are a couple of imitators who had successful auditions – and a new Maluma (Colombian reggaeton singer), in the latter case, a previous imitator had the door open to make the filter after Auditions.

The reality show was launched on Tuesday, October 26.


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My name is: Amparo Grisales claims to have a “very nice boyfriend”