Myrka Dellanos confesses: “It is extremely difficult to be in front of the cameras and to be compared with three other women”

Myrka Dellanos She expressed her feelings by posting a text on her Instagram account, which she accompanied with some photographs of herself. The host of La Mesa Caliente spoke of the attacks due to physical appearance and pointed out that she cannot change who she is.

Dellanos, who shares the leadership of the program with Giselle Blondet, Verónica Bastos and Alix Aspe, spoke about his companions and assured that he respects each one of them.

“CONFESSION: It is extremely difficult to be in front of the TV cameras every day and to be constantly compared to three other women. I respect each one of them and I find each one beautiful with different physical and spiritual traits. But why is it that especially women physically attack the appearance of another woman. Why do they do it? ”, Dellanos began in the writing of him.

“I can’t change who I am. I can only be the best version of Myrka and I have done so all my life. Believe me, it is also difficult to grow old in front of the cameras and under the scrupulous magnifying glass of many who hide behind a phone or computer to send darts that can directly reach the soul in a moment of weakness. I am neither the tallest, nor the skinniest, nor the youngest nor the prettiest – it can only be me”, revealed the television presenter.

In addition, he sent a message to women to love each other and treat other women in a better way. She also thanked God and pointed out that she feels pain.

“Women- love each other more and treat other women with the grace and mercy that you would wish for your mothers, your sisters and your daughters. Thank my God, my identity is primarily as His beloved daughter, but it does not mean that in my humanity I do not feel pain. Have more love. Give more love. It is completely free and you will have a better life”, concluded Dellanos.

Myrka Dellanos has received criticism from users of social networks due to her physical appearance. A few days ago in an image published by Telemundo to show off the look of the presenter that they liked the most during that week, some comments were seen that speak negatively about her appearance.

These were some of the comments they left on the Telemundo publication:

“She goes the same way as the surgery daughter, she doesn’t look anything like Myrka Dellanos”.

“Excellent professional but he passed the filter, surgery or botox. It doesn’t even look like the one she was.”

“She doesn’t look like herself.”

“Nobody discusses his work. What happens is that she doesn’t look like Myrka anymore.”

“She was very pretty in her time, but her face was ruined.”

“It doesn’t look like her, these women, because they don’t grow old, they transform.”

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Myrka Dellanos confesses: “It is extremely difficult to be in front of the cameras and to be compared with three other women”