Natalia Oreiro’s discomfort when they asked her to choose between China Suárez and Wanda Nara

Natalia Oreiro’s response when asked if she was on the side of China Suarez or Wanda Nara (Video: “LAM”, America)

Natalia Oreiro gave an interview in which he referred to various current issues in the entertainment world. Although she admitted to being “rabble”, she tried to detach herself from certain issues, especially when she was given a choice between women. First, if she was on the side of Eugenia the China Suarez or of Wanda Nara. The question was in reference to the scandal that the businesswoman made public in October of last year when she discovered that her husband, Mauro Icardi, had met the actress in a hotel in Paris. At that time, the former Almost angels He was in Madrid (Spain) filming a movie in which he stars with Álvaro Morte and traveled to the French capital invited by the footballer. It was a weekend that Wanda had gone with her sister Zaira – who was visiting Europe – to fashion week in Milan (Italy).

“It is very Argentinean to look for successors to the figures we have,” the chronicler of THE M to the Uruguayan actress and singer, and continued: “What happens to you when they ask you who can be the next Natalia Oreiro? With Tini Stoessel, Lali Esposito, Maria Becerra”. “I’m going crazy!” Was the artist’s first reaction to the query. And she added: “The only one I know, because I worked with her and I love her, is Lali. She is a genius. Later, María and Tini I think it’s great how they sing. I think all three are very talented.”

“Don’t make me choose,” he asked the chronicler and continued talking about the former My Hope. “What happens is that I have a relationship with Lali. The heart pulls you. But they look nothing alike,” she said of the three artists who had been mentioned to her.

“In the privacy of your home, do you consume entertainment programs? Are you rabble? Let’s see what’s going on, who’s with whom, the Wandagate and all that ”, the journalist of the program led by Ángel de Brito on the American screen enumerated and continued asking. “Who is not rabble? -the actress retorted- We are all a little rabble, as long as they don’t talk about one…”, he clarified.

China Suarez, Wanda Nara
China Suarez, Wanda Nara

And in this context, the question arose about what is popularly known as the Wandagate. “Team Wanda or Team China?”the chronicler wanted to know. “Oh, don’t make me say that. I re bank to ….”answered Natalia Oreiro and interrupted herself to clarify: “I bank women.”

Later, he added that he had shared work projects with the former Almost angels. “I worked with China, it seems to me the most. But bank to all women. I don’t think you have to be on one side or the other”, was categorical. “But in that sense, I think it’s good to let people decide what they want to be without everyone’s opinion about it, because it’s not good to go around giving opinions and getting into other people’s beds,” the actress emphasized.

“The topic of the moment: do you like the couple of Tini and Rodrigo De Paul?”, the chronicler wanted to know, but Natalia Oreiro avoided referring to the subject and responded gracefully. “I have no ideal with the topic of the moment. I beg your pardon ”, the artist excused herself and thus she chose not to give her opinion on the romance of the singer and the Atlético de Madrid footballer that was recently confirmed with some photos of the two of them together in Ibiza.


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Natalia Oreiro’s discomfort when they asked her to choose between China Suárez and Wanda Nara