Natalia Téllez: when a distant cousin tried to make her fall in love at the same funeral of her mother

What happened with ? Awaiting the soon birth of her daughter, the 35-year-old television presenter told, true to her irreverent style, the time that a distant relative flirted with her at her mother’s funeral, when she was just 15 years old, in Mexico. The celebrity recounted her uncomfortable experience on “Netas Divinas”, a program that she hosts with Consuelo Duval, Daniela Magun and Paola Rojas.

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The is in sweet waiting, as announced on September 20 through his social networks. For this reason, in the aforementioned program, he usually comments on his gestation, your fears, questions, curiosities and questions of the next arrival of your baby.

One of his As a joke, it was the fact that the moment comes when I start sharing postcards from Tweety. “I let myself be loved, but when Consuelo sends me her stickers of mom holding a baby and instead of fucking her she gives me tenderness, I say: ‘I’m on the edge of the precipice and I’m going to send tweets that say good morning, have a beautiful morning ‘I’m scared of that’, he stated.

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As long as your , the television presenter is still in front of the cameras, without losing your good humor. But the history of what happened to him in the middle of his mother’s funeral, he did leave many comments about the attitude of his cousin.

Natalia Téllez with her boyfriend, the photographer Antonio Zabala. (Photo: Natalia Téllez / Instagram)
Natalia Téllez with her boyfriend, the photographer Antonio Zabala. (Photo: Natalia Téllez / Instagram)


Natalia Tellez has counted, in “Divine Net“, That a distant cousin asked for his cell phone and told him that he liked it in the middle of the his mother’s funeral, when she was vulnerable due to the loss of one of the most important people in her life.

‘You are very pretty, could I have your phone? And I like this ‘It’s my mother’s funeral, wey, you’re a brother, a distant cousin, real, that way’ you’re net. It is the worst moment ”, related the presenter about the uncomfortable moment he had to live when he was 15 years.

He added that his Grandma introduced him to his relative, who did not stop being by his side at all times. In spite of the bitter experience, the presenter now he has even jokingly commented that he ended up accepting it. “I did give him the phone number, in fact I was with him for several years and as we are cousins ​​we had several children with pigtails”he commented.

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Natalia Tellez returned to soap operas after more than 10 years of absence in this genre with “Do you remember meAs Lola. The actress and host spoke with TV and novels to tell the public how he got involved in this melodrama produced by Carmen Armendariz and do a career review.

“The last time I participated in a telenovela was more than 10 years ago, and then life took me towards driving, which I love; Later, opportunities to work in films opened up, and I feel that people were starting to pigeonhole me a bit “, counted the actress.

Téllez confessed that he feels very good about his return at TV soaps and that I did not expect to enter any production especially in full pandemic, such a difficult stage for everyone.

“So, having returned to soap operas makes me very happy, because it also happened at a difficult time in which I was not expecting it and I was fascinated by the idea that it was from the hand of Carmen Armendariz and Francisco Franco”added.


Natalia Tellez is characterized by his sincerity when talking about his private life. On this occasion, the host recalled in the program Divine Net your romantic relationship with Christopher Uckermann and related how complicated it was to deal with his love breakup after learning that the artist had been unfaithful to him.

“It happened to me that when I broke up with Christopher (Uckermann). I was a shit, it was a hideous horn. I went to the ‘Hoy’ forum and told Martha (Figueroa), because we were friends, and Yordi (Rosado), who produced with you. I remember that Yordi called me and said: ‘Christopher’s going to come out, don’t you want to say it? and me in an asshole: ‘No, no’ “, said Natalia Téllez.

The conductive She pointed out that she regretted not having disclosed her breakup with the actor herself, because afterwards several rumors began to circulate among the press.

“I was hurt, I thought that if time passed I would not come out. I don’t know what I thought. Yordi told me: ‘Nath if you say so, you control the first hit a bit, you say the information, what you did with your answer, when they name you and come out, your version of things will be there. I did not say anything and obviously the worst note ended up, wallowed “, assured.



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Natalia Téllez: when a distant cousin tried to make her fall in love at the same funeral of her mother