Natti Natasha, Raphy Pina and two of their children test positive for covid-19

Raphy Pina and Natti Natasha confirmed that are infected with covid-19, the announcement was made hours after the music producer reappeared in sick networks.

The famous couple shared a brief statement on social networks where they explain that two of Pina’s children also tested positive to the virus. In addition, they invite those who have lived with them to take an exam.

“Greetings everyone! We responsibly want to notify you how much Natalia Gutiérrez, Rafael Pina, Antonio Pina and Mía Pina we test positive for covid-19. Both Rafael Jr. and Vida are currently very well, under strict supervision and we are pending any changes in their health. “

“Please, those people who have been close to us in the past 48 hours, we ask that they take the test and isolate themselves in quarantine,” they added.

Finally, they recommend their followers not to lower their guard: “The covid pandemic can touch anyone, so do not lower your guard, protect yourself and get your vaccine booster. We love you, Pina Gutiérrez Family,” it reads in the message broadcast on networks.

Raphy Pina looks sick

After fulfilling his wish to pass the Christmas happily with the family, Raphy Pina reappeared in networks on December 28 with a unfavorable face, as he shared with his more than two million followers on Instagram that he is sick.

Coughing while lying down, Natti Natasha’s fiancé explained her absence in a short video posted in her stories: “I’m sick, that’s why I haven’t written anything. This is giving me hard“He said without revealing details about his condition. In addition, he added the phrase:” Sorry, I’m not in good health. This war is really tough! “

Raphy Pina had a meaningful Christmas

On December 22, the Puerto Rican was pleaded guilty for the crimes of possession of an illegally modified firearm and possession of firearms upon conviction. The judge ruled that Pina will remain under house arrest until April 1, 2022, the date on which he will be sentenced. In the meantime, you will need to wear a shackle and will only be allowed to leave your home for religious reasons, health reasons, and to attend court.

Two days later he confessed on Instagram that for a moment he thought he would not spend the holidays with his family due to his legal problems. The music producer said he was grateful to spend the date with his little daughter Vida Isabelle for the first time.

“This photo will be super significant in my life, because it was taken in a difficult moment that I only thought that I was possibly going to have it as a souvenir because I was not going to have the opportunity to be present, but always hopeful and talking to the only one who is 24- 7 to hear the true request from the heart. I will always be grateful to God and to all the beautiful people that surround my circle, including the digital one. They are the best! Happy Christmas Eve, we love you. “


Vida Isabelle’s First Christmas

Natti Natasha and her partner shared some videos and photos of their daughter’s first Christmas, who turned 7 months old on December 22.

In the images the girl poses for the camera as a ‘professional model’ and is also seen enjoying her new toys next to the reggaeton star.

How will you celebrate the New Year?

It is known that Raphy, Natti and their family would receive 2022 at their home in Puerto Rico, where the music producer remains confined. However, the family’s plans will change when they are positive for covid-19.


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Natti Natasha, Raphy Pina and two of their children test positive for covid-19