Neither Letizia, nor Kate Middleton: this is the most sought-after royal of the year

2021 has already ended and, as usual at this time, it is time to take stock and summarize everything that has happened in these twelve months. And in our case, that every day we tell you from this section everything that happens in the royal houses of the world, we could not welcome 2022 without knowing what royal has been the most sought after of the year. And it is not neither Letizia, nor Kate Middleton, nor Charlène from Monaco, perhaps the ones that have generated the most news lately. We are going to give you a hint: the most wanted royal of the year is one that does not want to be either, neither royal nor wanted. Or that, at least, is what his words say. His actions not so much.

Let’s talk to you first about the Spanish royal family and who of its members is the one that generates the most interest, at least in our country, since the search terms are different in each nation, so it is impossible to have data, not even approximate, of the searches they generate Don Felipe, Doña Letizia, Princess Leonor, Infanta Sofía and the Emeritus Kings in the world. Of course, we have used the Google Trends tool which, if it does not give exact values, it does offer us a very clear idea of ​​search trends.

Chart with search trends. (Google Trends)

And in this case, there is no doubt. Of the hard core of the royal family, that is, the current Kings and their daughters, there are two names that take the cake in terms of searches, that of the Princess Leonor and Queen Letizia. The heiress is represented in the graph in blue and her mother in red. And although it is true that in some periods of time the trend of Queen Letizia is somewhat higher and the average too, the very high peaks that are reflected leave no room for doubt about the huge number of searches generated by the Princess, especially at certain times.

These peaks coincide with very specific events that have affected the public life of Leonor. The first of them corresponds to February, when it was announced that the heiress would leave after the summer to study as an intern at UWC Atlantic College in Wales. The second corresponds to your first solo act, last March. Another very notable one, although a few points below the previous one, shows the searches that were generated coinciding with the act that he starred with his sister Sofía in July. The trend increased by almost 30 points when its farewell at Adolfo Suárez airport, before leaving for the United Kingdom, and increased again more than 30 points on the occasion of the delivery of the Princess of Asturias Awards.

Chart with search trends. (Google Trends)

We now compare the four kings, the emeritus and the current ones. And we continue to see what the Queen Letizia who heads the search trends, but with a direct competitor, King Juan Carlos. The ex-king also has some notable peaks, which coincide, for example, with the anniversary of 23-F, the anniversary of King Philip’s decision on his inheritance and the public allocation he received or the publication of the book ‘My Fallen King’, written by the journalist Laurence Debray, who also had exclusive access to it.

But these spikes in search trends cannot be compared to those of Letizia ortiz. Although the average is similar, and even at some point the searches for King Juan Carlos exceed those of his daughter-in-law, there is no doubt looking at the graphs that when something happens to the Queen, it generates a lot of interest. And it is that after a few more linear months, we find a line that rises very notably on four dates, which correspond to the death of his grandmother, Menchu ​​Álvarez, his return to work after the summer, the Princess of Asturias Awards and the state visit to Sweden, last November.

World royals

After knowing the searches generated by the royal family in our country and choosing the winning horse, Mrs. Letizia, we wanted to make a comparison with some queens or princess from all over the world, and we have done it globally. We already anticipated that there is one of them that sweeps the others, and with much difference. And from the clues we have given you, you will imagine that it is none other than Meghan markle.

Chart with search trends. (Google Trends)

Logically, being a global search, we cannot expect these royal names to generate the same interest around the world as if we stick to each of their countries. In addition to Letizia, we have chosen those that in our opinion are the most mediatic worldwide, such as Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, Charlène from Monaco or Meghan Markle herself. And we are sorry to say it, but the truth is that Letizia hardly has any interest outside our borders. His line, represented by the color blue, is the most linear of all.

The funny thing is that Meghan Markle and her in-law grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, they have a similar average, but the graph leaves no room for doubt that the exactriz was the queen of searches at a certain time of the year. Guess which one? Indeed, that red peak that we see and that shows the immense interest it generated corresponds to the second week of March, the same week in which it was issued. his interview with Oprah Winfrey. Coincidentally, the lines that correspond to Kate middleton -in yellow- and the British monarch -in green- also show an increase in the trend on those dates, as a result of the Meghan’s statements and their collateral damage.

We also see that Queen Elizabeth has her own peak, if not popularity, then interest. It is clear how in April the trend increases considerably, raising the average. The date corresponds to death of the Duke of Edinburgh, a loss that generated interest in practically every corner of the world. But the monarch herself and her health have their own prominence, since an increase in searches with her name occurred when we learned about her health problems in late October. And it is that, to generate interest, the British monarch does not need neither the Duke of Edinburgh nor, of course, Meghan Markle, although the latter is – by little – the most sought-after royal of the year.

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Neither Letizia, nor Kate Middleton: this is the most sought-after royal of the year