New achievement of the peasant youtuber family: Nubia graduated as a bachelor

Nubia and children is the name of the YouTube channel that launched a Colombian peasant family to fame that decided to teach through social networks how to grow in houses or apartments. For a year, the three members have been going viral and today a new milestone put them back in the public eye, it is the degree of the mother, who proudly showed her title of bachelor academic.

“Yesterday was a very important day for me and my family, my grade. Years ago it would not have crossed my mind that I was going to have the opportunity to finish my high school, in the field it is not so easy. Student desertion is the highest in the country, due to different situations sometimes we have to abandon our studies and rarely do they resume. Today I am very grateful to God, to life and to you for so many opportunities “, It was part of the message that Nubia shared from her Instagram account.


The publication already has more than 70 thousand likes and numerous comments, among which those of some celebrities such as Laura Tobón and Mónica Fonseca stood out.

“Congratulations. A fighter woman, the great example to your children ”,“ How great you are and an insurmountable example of a mother and a woman. What pride for your children, for you and for all of us who have seen so much progress, keep going; this is only the beginning, bigger achievements await you ”, were some of the words of the fans of Nubia and sons, an Instagram account that reaches more than 300 thousand followers.

The popular internet family was chosen by a well-known sportswear brand, for which they posed in several photos and videos as part of the promotion of a new collection.


Recyclers’ dresses – but by far flow– and wearing the new tennis shoes Adidas Stan Smith Primegreen, Jeimmer Alejandro, Harley David and Nubia Rocío, participated together with the renowned influencer Alexander pacheco in the advertising campaign of this collection that combines high-performance recycled materials for the manufacture of footwear.

“We have to find solutions that allow us to do without virgin polyester. Primegreen is one of them ”, they point out from Adidas when talking about this new technology that was developed to significantly reduce the impact of the textile industry on the environment, with the main objective of preserving the ecosystems of the communities where the textile factories are located. these products. The limit is set in 2024, when the German firm wants the polyester used in all its products to be recycled.

In this way, the youtuber family debuted in the world of fashion and surprised its followers, who were happy for this new step and highlighted the growth they have had since they decided to publish their first video on April 29, 2020, from which they have accumulated more than 744 thousand subscribers on the popular platform.

For example, the actress and presenter Claudia Bahamón She was pleasantly surprised by this new achievement in their lives and did not hesitate to leave her comment. In the same way, other well-known content creators such as ‘The mountaineers’ and Faver Burgos, the young man who recorded the stratosphere as part of one of his experiments.

“I passed out with this”! “We love you and always wish you the best of success” and “you are very cracks!”; were some of the comments that the publication accumulated in which Nubia Gaona and her children shared this new dream come true.


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New achievement of the peasant youtuber family: Nubia graduated as a bachelor