New season of ‘Los bonobos’ arrives with surprises and “more experience”

Rafael Zea, Santiago Alarcón, Biassini Segura, Carolina Acevedo, Paula Estrada and Jimena Durán | Photo: courtesy Vive Astor Plaza

After being a total success in its first seasons and having seen how the covid-19 pandemic stopped entertainment plans, the play ‘The bonobos’ returns to refresh the theatrical billboard in Bogotá, recharged with several surprises and “much more experience”, as he told Infobae Colombia the renowned actor Rafael Zea.

“Even if we are practically the same as before, the play will change, firstly because the inclusion of a new actor will refresh the story with everything he proposes and, in turn, it will alter all the scenes; and second, because one of the great virtues of theater is that one play will never turn out the same as another. In addition, we have changed as people during these 5 years and we have changed as actors, we have more experience and therefore our proposals are now going to be different, despite the fact that the original marking is preserved ”, explained the actor from Bogota.

This story, which will take place on the tables of the Vive Astor Plaza theater From November 12, 2021 (Fridays and Saturdays) until March 2022, it is full of humor and will reflect the moment when three friends: Alex, Dani and Fran, tired of paying for sex, decide to go on a quest for real women through a dating app. This is how they meet Angeles, Jessica and Bea, who will put them in serious trouble.

With this unusual adventure, the magnifying glass will be put on how ridiculous and funny someone usually looks when, to please someone else, they try to become a very different person from who they really are. Nevertheless, For Rafael Zea, it is also a great opportunity to reflect on the behavior of Colombian society with those they consider to be ‘different’.

“Taking into account that each of the characters has a disability (one is blind, the other is deaf and the other is mute) and they have been rejected by society, amid humor and laughter, one discovers how we are a society that it sets aside and rejects what is different, what is supposedly not normal for us and that is a reflection that we are very interested in doing, because apparently the whole story seems to be born from the superficiality of sex, but it goes much further, “he added.

For her part, the actress Paula estrada He recalled in his conversation with Infobae Colombia that retaking the play and his rehearsals has been demanding, but he warns that the six actors and the entire production have far exceeded it, that is why they will be presenting a show at the height, just as they did previously .

In addition, he highlighted the differences that the Colombian adaptation of this work has to the original (French) and others such as the Argentine: “This montage is very different, much more bodily and physical, not so textual. I believe that in the other works there are no bonobos (apes) as well as those that appear in the Colombian version, who appear in the middle of the presentation and help to move the scenery and others, that is a plus. In the same way, there is an inclination to Colombian humor without falling into the cliché of it ”.

It is worth mentioning that the rest of the cast of ‘Los Bonobos’ is made up of the actresses Carolina Acevedo and Jimena Duranas well as by the actors Santiago Alarcon and Safe Biassini, who comes to replace Andrés Toro; while in the direction is Johan Velandia.


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New season of ‘Los bonobos’ arrives with surprises and “more experience”