Nicolás Arrieta’s girlfriend defended herself against Yeferson Cossio’s accusations: “He was the one who always had drugs”

Original photos: Instagram @yefersoncossio @lorenestebanm @nicolasarrieta
Original photos: Instagram @yefersoncossio @lorenestebanm @nicolasarrieta

A few days ago a strong controversy arose through social networks, after Nicholas Arrieta will be dispatched against his colleague Jeffrey Cossiowhom he accused of scamming unsuspecting people through one of the companies he promotes on his Instagram account.

Even, the Bogota youtuber pointed out, the Antioquian celebrity turned a “blind eye” to the problem that would already have hundreds of victims and would not have returned the money in question.

“It’s okay for you to help animals and people, but taking your poor followers’ savings, allegedly, is really sad. I know these people, I like them, but you can’t keep quiet about this. It turns out that this company took the money of more than 100 people and now nobody responds “said.

And although he had decided not to talk about it, the controversy generated by these words was so strong that Cossio responded to whom he considered his friend at some point, since it is key to mention that both had been very close in the past and even took pictures together .

However, To the surprise of Nicolás Arrieta, the reply resulted in a forceful attack on him and his girlfriend Loren Esteban.

“That mari&* doesn’t do anything for anyone, not even for himself. He put the girlfriend in depression because the last time they broke up with her he forced her to have an abortion. The mess was so big that she became a drug addict because she could never get over it, ”said Yeferson Cossio.

At this point in the discussion between both content generators for social networks, Loren’s opinion was also known, who He did not hesitate to refute the version given by the paisa and mentioned that it was he who offered him drugs and not his boyfriend.

And although she accepts that she used hallucinogens at certain times, she warns that this does not make her an addicted person.

“I was a good friend of theirs and I stayed at their house, but I never said anything about Nicolás. Yeferson was the one who always had drugs and on a couple of occasions I received him. I did it very few times and I think that does not make me a drug addict.

But the thing does not stop there, because Loren Esteban published screenshots in which he shows the text messages he sent to Cossio, asking him to argue with evidence about the alleged abortion and, in addition, assured that in the past he threatened her with a intimate video.

“He took everything out of context and started threatening me that he was going to publish some videos of me, because he has one in which something kisses another man. The worst thing is that he ended up insulting me and blocking me.” added the young woman.

The reactions among the followers of these influencers arose immediately, as expected, and many judged Yeferson Cossio because, they say, they are discovering facets of him that they did not even imagine.

“We went from seeing a young man who helps animals and humble people, to one who speaks ill of women and psychologically assaults them”, “I dropped an idol”, “we all have mistakes but they are not aired that way” and ” I don’t know which one is right, but the truth is that threatening a woman with a video is very low”; were the comments that unleashed the publication.

For now, Nicolás Arrieta is also expected to respond to the accusations made against him and dedicate a new video to the subject.

See here the statements of Loren Esteban:


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Nicolás Arrieta’s girlfriend defended herself against Yeferson Cossio’s accusations: “He was the one who always had drugs”