Nicolas Cage or Floyd Mayweather, among the celebrities to whom Ferrari does not sell cars

Although the celebrities of first level have purchasing power to afford all kinds of luxuries, money does not always open all doors. That has made it clear ferrari on several occasions. And it is that although the Italian firm has a group of loyal customers whom it allows access to the most exclusive models, it has not had any qualms about veto certain celebrities for different reasons.

These are some celebrities to whom Ferrari does not sell cars

As we said, there are all kinds of reasons why Ferrari has decided to put these celebrities in your private blacklistbut in general, the brand does not want to be associated with personalities that could harm its image.

Nicolas Cage

The famous actor is a big fan of luxury cars. However, his story with Ferrari went awry despite the fact that he was one of the lucky ones to get a ferrari enzo new. What happen after? The American interpreter went through several financial problems and sold the model below its price. A gesture that the Italian firm did not like at all, which decided to veto it.


This, specifically, is Vettel’s Ferrari Enzo.

Third parties

Floyd Mayweather

In this case, the problem would be, according to the ‘Soy Motor’ portal, in the boxer’s lifestyle. A lifestyle with many excesses -of which he presumes on social networks- that Ferrari would not see with good eyes. That yes, despite the fact that at this time you cannot buy any model directly from the Ferrari housethe elite athlete yes it has several models.

Justin Bieber

The Canadian singer seems to have been left without the possibility of acquiring a new Ferrari after, a few years ago, he forgot where he had parked his Ferrari 458. She went two weeks without finding it and even thought it had been stolen, something that in Maranello was seen as an act of irresponsibility. It also bothered the car company a lot that the artist made several modifications in the vehicle.

Justin Bieber messes it up on Twitter.

Justin Bieber, in the blacklist of Ferrari.

Instagram @justinbieber


The artist is also on the Ferrari blacklist. And it is that despite the fact that he leads a life of luxury in which supercars are not lacking, the rapper usually acquires them through a rental and, after a while, stop paying the bills. The same thing happened in 2012 with a Ferrari 458 Spider.


In the case of 50 Cent, it would have been his behavior with the cars which would have led Ferrari to veto it. After calling him out once for wash your Ferrari F50 with champagnethe brand decided to put him on its blacklist when, after a few months, he posted a photo on Instagram complaining of the vehicle (which turned out to have a worn battery and a lack of proper maintenance).

The rapper 50 Cent, in the blacklist of Ferrari.

The rapper 50 Cent, in the blacklist of Ferrari.



Deadmau5 (Joel Thomas Zimmerman) is another artist whose relationship with Ferrari has not ended well. The reason? What he did in 2013 to his Ferrari 458 Spider: decorated it with the video game character Nyan Catpersonalized it as well inside and put Purrari of nickname Even though she received a warning of the brand that urged him to leave the car as it was, the DJ and composer ignored the request and, as expected, Ferrari don’t want to hear from him.

Deadmau5's Ferrari.

Deadmau5’s Ferrari.

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Nicolas Cage or Floyd Mayweather, among the celebrities to whom Ferrari does not sell cars