Nicole Coste, Alberto de Monaco’s ex, returns to charge against Charlène: “It’s karma”

Neither the fact of being sick and needing absolute tranquility has made Nicole coste bury the ax of war against her. Because the Alberto de Monaco’s ex has returned to the charge against Charlène, with some statements in which he makes clear the null appreciation – to put it mildly – that he has for what is today the princess of Monaco. The former stewardess and now a fashion entrepreneur has spoken with British journalist Richard Eden and his words certainly do not denote much love for the South African, since he has also had no empathy for the current situation the one that we can consider your enemy.

As this journalist specializing in royalty has published in the ‘Scottish Daily Mail’, she was found in a party in the London borough of Marylebone. And, of course, he did not want to miss the opportunity to ask about the circumstances of Charlène, currently receiving treatment outside the principality, and the situation of the family and their children, Jacques and Gabriella, who after all are the siblings of his son Alexandre. And as the conversation between the journalist and Nicole Coste begins, we already know that the statements are not going to be especially empathetic with the princess: “I don’t care what happens to him. Why should I?”.

We do not know if for revenge or because Nicole Coste cannot forget that affront that the South African made to her son, when taking advantage of the absence of Prince Albert put Alexandre in the palace clerk wing, according to the ex-hostess she told a few weeks ago for ‘Paris Match’. But the only certain thing is that the following sentence of the conversation with the journalist makes it clear that there is a lot of resentment – not to say clearly hatred – there is: “All that is happening to him is karma”.

But there is still one more pearl, which may even give an idea that the Nicole Coste and Charlène’s relationship goes beyond hate. “The people of Monaco love me more than they love her.” Jealousy? Envy? We do not know, but perhaps the fact that it took the Togolese a few years and publicly denounce that Alberto recognize his son He has made the South African the target of his rage against the prince, for whom he has, on the other hand, nothing but good words. In fact, Coste also takes the opportunity to claim his closeness to him: “I have known that man for more than 25 years”.

We do not know how these statements will sit prince albertBut of course her ex doesn’t seem to care at all what he might think. In fact, a few weeks ago, the French publication ‘Point de Vue’ collected an interview with the sovereign, in which showed his anger at those words by Nicole Coste, when she posed on the occasion of Alexandre’s 18th birthday for ‘Paris Match’, recounting that alleged bad gesture by Charlène with the young man: “It was inappropriate, I was enraged when I found out about it.”Alberto claimed, adding that they were “unfounded statements, made up of completely fabricated elements of recognition.” But his anger does not seem to have taken away the idea of ​​speaking out to Nicole, who has added fuel to the fire.

A relationship that goes beyond parenthood

It is possible that both those more recent statements in which Nicole Coste does not hide at all her negative feelings towards Charlène suppose the end of the good relationship that the ex-stewardess has had with the father of her eldest son. Until now, they had shared many important moments, not only for the life of their son, but also for each of them. For example, Alberto she did not miss the 50th birthday of the Togolese, which he celebrated in London in 2019, taking advantage of the fact that his wife was traveling in Corsica.

But more recently, while the princess was convalescing in South Africa and unable to return to the principality, Alberto did not hesitate to invite her as Alexandre’s companion to the Red Cross Gala, one of the most important events held every year in Monaco. In fact, it is believed that Coste stayed in the principality until August 18, when his son reached the age of majority, in order to be present at the celebrations, which he did not miss. part of the Grimaldi family. As you can see, a quite cordial relationship -even beyond- between Alberto and his ex, which may have been broken by the last statements by Nicole Coste against Charlène, completely unfortunate and not at all empathic with their situation.

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Nicole Coste, Alberto de Monaco’s ex, returns to charge against Charlène: “It’s karma”