Nine years without Jenni Rivera: After the accident, her youngest son said she was alive

How many children does Jenni Rivera have?

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Jenni Rivera’s youngest son thought she was alive after the plane crash

This December 9 marks nine years of the tragic death of singer Jenni Rivera, who lost her life in a plane crash in Mexico in 2012. And fans remembered how her youngest son, Jhonny Angel López, starred in one of the most painful moments on the day of the tragedy, which broke the hearts of many followers of the artist.

Back then, the young man, who last February he turned 20In the midst of the anguish generated by the news of the crash of the private plane in which the Diva de la Banda was traveling, she turned to the networks to ensure that her mother had been saved and that she was alive.

Johnny Angel, at that time with only 11 years of age, moved by the hope that his mother had not died, and after the confusion that all kinds of press information that arose generated in him, he turned to his Twitter to say that his Mom was safe.

This is how Jenni Rivera’s accident happened – Noticiero UnivisiónMore news: Univision Investiga highlighted that the plane operator did not allow the failures to be noted in the log. SUBSCRIBE !: Univision Newscast: María Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos inform you of the main events in your city, in your country and in the world. Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook:…2013-12-05T01: 50: 49Z

“I know they are alive. They are coming ”, was the heartbreaking message from the boy, just when the rest of the family had already accepted that the accident had left no survivors.

In another message, the boy, who refused to accept that the singer had lost her life in such a tragic way, insisted that despite the fact that the media and the authorities had already revealed that no one had been saved, his mother was still alive.

What happened the day of Jenni Rivera’s accident? | A New Day | TelemundoOfficial video of Telemundo Un Nuevo Día. Mario Perea, correspondent in LA, interviewed those involved in the disaster that ended the life of Jenni Rivera and tells us the secrets of the accident. YouTube: Official page: Facebook Twitter!/UnNuevoDia SUBSCRIBE: A New Day: It is an entertainment program that offers…2017-12-06T17: 27: 56Z

“My mom is alive. She is not dead, “Johnny insisted, immediately generating all kinds of encouraging comments from Jenni’s fans, who were very concerned about the episode of denial the child was in and the trauma that such news had caused. at.

The interpreter of “Ovarios” died after the aircraft in which she was traveling crashed in the company of several members of her work team, in the municipality of Iturbide, Nuevo León state.

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Chiquis Rivera’s mother had just given a concert at the Arena Monterrey, when the aircraft, a Learjet 25, carrying six other passengers, crashed. The aircraft took off from the Monterey airport at 3:20 am on December 9 and was heading to the city of Toluca, Mexico, where it would make an appearance on La Voz México. About 15 minutes after taking off, contact with the plane was lost and hours later the wreckage of the plane was found.

To this day, multiple theories and hypotheses continue to surround the causes of the accident that were not precisely determined, apart from the fact that it was a “loss of control of the aircraft for undetermined reasons.”

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Nine years without Jenni Rivera: After the accident, her youngest son said she was alive