Ninel Conde reaches an agreement with Giovanni Medina and will be able to live with her son after almost two years of not seeing him

Almost two years after Ninel Conde saw her son Emmanuel for the last time in person, on the afternoon of this November 23 the actress will meet again with the minor, as confirmed by her ex-partner Giovanni Medina in an interview for the program Windowing.

Ninel Conde and Giovanni Medina / Agencia M & # xe9; xico

Ninel Conde and Giovanni Medina / Mexico Agency

At the end of the day, we, I mean Emmanuel and me, want to lead a healthy life, a harmonious life, and part of a healthy circle is living with both parents, I always pointed out that I was eager for that, but in the right conditions, before there were none, today there are, and the truth is that I have decided not to appeal this decision taken by the authority because I consider it to be correct, “he explained. businessman.

On the conditions in which this meeting between the singer and her son will take place, Medina explained: “a coexistence of every 15 days has been dictated from today, in a safe space that is my home, for 3 hours or as long as it lasts in a healthy or natural way ”.

“Here what the authority tries is that we create the link, between mother and child, that this relationship is created and I also requested that there be the presence of an authority, and I will be,” he added in this regard.

When asked about what Senator Ricardo Monreal had to do with this decision not to appeal the authorities’ resolution, Giovanni clarified: “the reality is that at some point, Ninel, with her thousand personal methods, tried to confront me or antagonize the senator , but fortunately the only thing that was achieved is that we sat down at the table two people who believe in good understanding, in the reasons and in giving a good exit, a good cause, to the different problems, the result was that we agreed that there are adequate conditions and that it was necessary to give it fluency, no longer appeal, no longer protect ourselves, because we would have taken another year at least ”.

Ninel Conde / Mexico Agency

Ninel Conde / Mexico Agency

Emphasizing that he accepted this decision of the authorities because Conde is no longer with Larry Ramos and that also the meetings with your child will be at homeGiovanni Medina stated that at this time the meeting will be under the conditions that he requested.

On whether on this occasion the 7-year-old boy expressed his refusal to see his famous mother, the businessman explained: “This time … well, yes, it is not something that calls the idea much, but we are working on that.

Likewise, Medina stressed that at this time he no longer has any legal process against his ex-partner, he is only awaiting the sentence in this case of the custody of the best, despite the fact that Ninel does maintain complaints against him. “He is going to go to the house, but he has sued me, first for non-pecuniary damage, as the lawyers don’t charge him, he also loves it … and he is denounced for psycho-emotional damage or something like that.”

Ninel Conde / Mexico Agency

Ninel Conde / Mexico Agency

To end, The businessman stressed that even though he has dated women, including some from the artistic world, for now his only priority is his son.


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Ninel Conde reaches an agreement with Giovanni Medina and will be able to live with her son after almost two years of not seeing him